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  • Oceanside, United States
  • a year ago


Okay Mama’s, what are you 100% must haves. I’m prego with my first and clueless on what I actually need! So let me know your ride or die products! Also, a cute diaper bag that you’re obsessed with ?! ;)
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  • Redding, USA
  • 19 days ago

I dont have a go to honestly. My baby hates swings and his bassinet so that's out of the picture. I will say we got a trashcan that opens and closes with your hand hovering over it as opposed to the diaper genie it was cheaper and holds way more diapers. Theres a carbon filter in it so it doesnt smell when it opens. I take the trash outof it once a week

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  • Old Town, United States
  • 2 months ago

Nipple cream, gripe water, gas drops, boppy, Crib, sets of sheets, diapers and wipes, wash clothes, bath soap, lotion, stroller, car seat, car seat mirror, carrier, milk savers, diaper rash cream, diaper bag, nipple pads, clothing, mittens, socks, car seat cover/bf cover, some bottles, nursing bras & tanks, binkies & clips, jumper, rocker, any cosleeping bed, grocery cart cover, tummy time mat, high chair.

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  • Sanibel, USA
  • 4 months ago

I was in the same spot so I went to my cousin who has three kids of her own I had on my registry a Pack n Play I decided not on a crib a stroller / car seat but my favorite thing of all was the bouncer it saved my life plenty of times and for when they get older a highchair which I did not even think of it first that was my cousin's idea

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  • Brandon, United States
  • 4 months ago

I absolutely love the backpack style diaperbags!! They’re supper easy to carry and don’t throw you off balance. PLUS if you’re like me then after about a week of wearing it a lot (we’re always on the go) you’ll get use to it and forget it’s there

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  • Halifax, Canada
  • 6 months ago

Diaper bag- I have anchored east backpack style - from amazon. Love it. Must haves- a good baby carrier. A wrap style to start (I have a cuddly wrap but there are lots of other good brands) with but eventually you’ll want a few styles like a structured one. I also loved having baby toys- like a lot of them. Mostly bought second hand.

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