• M
  • ENG, GB
  • 2 years ago

Online bullying

Mamas, have any of you ever experienced online bullying or trolling? Either on Instagram or another social network?
  • A
  • WA, US
  • 7 months ago

yes! on twitter. I used to post art, but started being bullied for it. I abandoned twitter & stopped drawing for several months. I’m just now starting to draw again. people can be cruel. 😞

  • C
  • Ulysses, United States
  • 8 months ago

Psh it was what I went through in high school I find it child's play and ignore it

  • L
  • Phoenix, United States
  • 10 months ago

What I experienced wasn’t bullying as much as badgering, but yes...I am off of FB because of it.

  • J
  • PA, US
  • a year ago

I’m sorry your going through this! I have had this happen to me.. I deleted all of my social media bc of it. Some people can be so mean.

  • J
  • Cottonwood Heights, United States
  • 2 years ago

Just yesterday. A family member wanting to be added to groups only to take screen shots to make fun of people. 😡

  • S
  • San Francisco, United States
  • 2 years ago

Wow what everyone do?

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