4 years ago

Online bullying

Mamas, have any of you ever experienced online bullying or trolling? Either on Instagram or another social network?
Online bullying

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Charlotte, North Carolina, US
4 months ago

Yes. I have a YT channel where I’ve gone my makeup on live and someone told me to loose weight and then a guy on TikTok said that “everyone is little to you because you’re 300 pounds “. It’s mostly about my weight or something but I could care less. I’ve come a long way to let these pos stop my confidence. 💖

6 months ago

I was bullied in school and hearing words was so much nastier than reading a silly ass comment. When a dog barks do you get to its level and bark too? No. Pick your fights, not all are worth your response but this is where it gets tricky for me cos if im super triggered ill come at you with everything i got. Its something i need to work on myself but i find it very hard.

1 year ago

Yes and it's very hurtful

2 years ago

I have multiple times on Facebook and etc

2 years ago

I felt bullied the first night on here but al okay.

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