3 years ago

Not pregnant but it feels so real!

I had an confirmed miscarriage back in may. I have a almost 7 month old baby and 2 year old. I have tried to move on from losing one but i cant shake some feeling im having. I have noticed over the last 3 weeks i feel little flutters, super hunger, tired, and ect. All the feels i got when i was expecting my girls. I took a pregnancy test for it to come negative. Im so confused i feel like im having a phantom pregnancy because of my loss. Yet, it feels so real! Help!
Not pregnant but it feels so real!

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3 years ago

Maybe you're too early for a positive, but also it's totally normal for this to happen. I have had 6 miscarriages and I wanted to be pregnant so badly after each one that sometimes my body would trick itself into thinking it was pregnant. So sorry for your loss mama❤

3 years ago

I had that after my miscarriage, it’s completely normal girl. Prayers for you and your heart ❤️❤️

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