First Date Night 😘,First BabySitter 😖

My husband wants to go out and spend more time with me since we had the baby. It’s been 5 months now and he recommended hiring a sitter. The first thought in my head is “NO”. But please just hear me out 🍼😖 .. I love my baby so much and it scares me to leave him with someone else. The people he recommended to watch our son are people we kind of gotten to know and the husband works with my husband for awhile now. I’m nervous, what was it like for you when you first hired a sitter? Was it a stranger or someone you know? Did you really enjoy yourself while you were out or was the baby in the back of your mind a lot? >>comment below<<
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Our first babysitter was my husbands coworker. She sent us pictures every hour and if baby got fussy, she videchatted us so that he could see us. The anxiety goes away fairly quickly once you remember how baby got there 😜

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Wow! She sounds great! I love that she sent pictures

Your sitter should always be courteous about the anxiety that comes with leaving behind your baby

Well my life is a little different this time around. My older 3 are 24. 21. 16 with them my mom his mom and my grandma watched them. I did end up hiring 1 babysitter for nights out. I called her refrences made sure she had CPR and 1st aid training and had her watch them the 1st time at a bday party we went to so I was there to watch and so the kids could get to know her a little with the security of me being there. I now have a 4 mos old lol yes I'm a little crazy. My mom has passed. His mom has heath issues and my grandparents are to old. Now I have my older kids lol that is the only ones he has been with and I have a monitor to check in but it stresses me put if he's crying so I try to only do a few times. He's def on my mind and the topic of conversation. Its hard but we gotta keep our selfs and our relationship healthy to be our best for our kids. It will get easier the older the child gets 💗

We did not hire a stranger. Thankfully we have my mom that can cover date nights. But we could not stop talking about him during our date 🙈

We had date nights at home when LO fell asleep. We made sure he had an early bed time. I know that wasn’t much help but mama instincts were too strong! Do what your gut tells you!

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Lol I love that idea! You know I would like to try something like that with my husband actually I’ll do it this weekend and let you know how it goes! Definitely, I did go out and have a good time. My sitter was nice to share pictures of our son playing and sleeping. It still does not make me feel 100 percent comfortable! But that’s definitely mama bear instincts xD

I don’t / won’t leave baby with anyone until we have a schedule 5/6 mo old. I like to know what to tell people so they aren’t guessing as to why they are crying. I do eventually leave at first for an hour but we build up to longer times out.

I’m not gonna lie it was hard leaving my little girl with my own family when my husband an d I went out. But it was a nice get away as well. Got to reconnect with him and we had a lot of fun. (Even tho I was checking my phone every 2 seconds)

I worried a LOT. But I thoroughly interviewed sitters and asked for references (and actually called them) and asked how they would feel about a nanny cam. I invited them over for an hour to see how they interacted with my peanut as well. It was HARD, but now I trust her with my peanut completely. I also upped my hours. The first time I went out for an hour and a half and then two and then three. We live way too far from family and my husband and I desperately needed some us time 😕 If you take your time to thoroughly get to know your sitter I know you will feel more and more comfortable with the idea 💗💗💗

I had this as well. I refused anyone to have Eddie. I got anxious when I actually did eventually had to leave him with the mil or someone else. But date nights? I still haven’t had one since Eddie was born almost 2 year ago. It’s getting to a point now where I’m desperate for one though. 😅

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Yes!! Have a date Night Girl you deserve it! I had a great time when I went out. My sitter sent pictures of our son playing and when she put him to bed which I’m thankful for her doing that. It still does not make me feel comfortable because I think it’s just the mama bear inside me ready to pounce anyone who messes with my baby lol. Rawr! 💪😂

I just can't do it. Mine is 9 and has only stayed with my mom. I know this doesn't help you. Sorry.

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girl same here ! mine is 9 wont let anyone watch but my mom and same with daughter. nope never

This post made me laugh because I love your honesty! Thank you so much 🙏

Your LO will be just fine! I know it’s hard to let go, but honestly a few hours with a sitter is harmless. Go spend some time and reconnect with your man! ❤️

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This made me smile your absolutely right. I just need to calm my nerves a little @-@. It’s that mama bear instincts 😅

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