• Michelle
  • ENG, GB
  • 23 days ago

Open letter from Peanut to Meghan Markle

What do you mamas think? We may not live in castles, but we raise kings and queens 🥜❤️🥜
  • M
  • AU
  • 2 days ago

This is so amazing and such a generous and selfless thing to do. I hope she read it because she is fantastic and definitely deserves to be treated as such!

  • C
  • 2 days ago

Being a mother is hard. Being a mother away from family and friends in a foreign country is harder. Being a mother away from family and friends and being constantly criticised by the media must be very difficult. I feel for her, she had no idea how difficult it would be. Harry is obviously supporting her, hopefully his family extend their support too.

  • S
  • CA, US
  • 10 days ago

I love this! 👑

  • L
  • 10 days ago

Love this

  • F
  • ENG, GB
  • 15 days ago


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