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  • 2 years ago

Age for Social Media?

Hey ladies. I’m debating on letting my 12 year old have a Facebook or a Snapchat account. I personally have been social media free for two years as well as my husband. It caused some marital issues with ex’s causing trouble so we just got off of it all. I don’t miss it what so ever . My son is going into 7th grade in the fall and he has a phone etc and asked us for Snapchat , I have used it years back and know it’s in and outs, but I really really don’t want my kiddo on them at all. Hubby says it’s not fair to hold my son back because it’s his generation etc , but I would LOVE any advice on this from other mommas . 😱😱😱
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  • 5 months ago

I’m a 19 year old mom , I feel like the good start is that your son asked for permission , that’s a huge Win for you and him that means he trust you , the more he trust you the more he won’t want to let you down he will trust you to tell you things and to show you things , the stricter you are the sneakier they will become .

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  • a year ago

We followed the laws that social media set out!! 13..... however, she got instagram at 12 i believe...

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  • a year ago

I would let him have Facebook but with lots of supervision. Not snapchat because the messages get deleted.

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  • a year ago

I got Facebook at 16... seemed like a HUGE trial when I was little, but now I’m so glad I don’t have all those 12-15 year old angst and obnoxious pictures and drama that I would never share now that my friends have on their pages. Plus, cyber bullying is real and there’s no need to rush kids into situations like that early. That being said, if you’re monitoring closely it should be totally manageable:)

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  • Paradise, USA
  • a year ago

When I was 12 if my parents said no it was no. When you as a parent are strict and discipline there should be no reason why they would do it behind there back dont give in to that idea. Because what you see on social media today is not censored. A lot of harmful things that for a 12 yr old it can be damaging and hard to understand. On facebook ive seen videos of beheadings links to tortured adult content. Trust me a 12 year old can live a couple more years without fb or social media.

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