4 years ago

Nausea remedies

23 weeks and still nauseous...can you Mamas please share what remedies worked for you?
Nausea remedies

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22 days ago

I had morning sickness the whole of my pregnancy and the only thing that seemed to work were sucking boiled mints or Kendal mint cake

5 months ago

I make fizzy water in my soda stream then add in juice of half a lemon, freshly grated ginger and a pinch of salt. Helps me through the day at work so so much!

7 months ago

I constantly had mints with me! And put peppermint essential oil‘s on my wrist And in the air

8 months ago

Peppermint oil, mint gum, ginger oil, and what helped me: seaweed (especially salty seaweed snacks)

9 months ago

I had five elements Acupunture which removed my sickness after suffered for over 4 months

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