3 years ago

Does anyone's partner have male factor infertility?

Looking to hear from other women experiencing this. How can I support him? ❤️
Does anyone's partner have male factor infertility?

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9 months ago

Yes! Our fertility issues are solely MFI my husband has asospermia and told our chances of successful IVF were low. We are doing an independent Sperm Donor.

1 year ago

That’s how I got my boy! ICSI is life for us

2 years ago

Hi ladies, My husband and I went to a fertility specialist after not getting pregnant for a few years. He told us my husband has low sperm count and motility. Has anyone had a successful IUI with their partner having the same? Also we were told he should take conception xr motility support anyone’s husband take these supplements? Thanks :)

2 years ago

Hello, my husband has varicocele. Currently waiting on the surgery. However in the mean time we want to do an iui. Has anyone been successful with an iui and varicocele?

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1 year ago

Hi, we haven’t go through with the surgery yet. We decided to go ahead with IVF. He will be having the surgery eventually. But the doctors weren’t very positive that it will change this counts.

2 years ago

Thank you! It’s so hard when you can’t physically do anything to fix it

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