3 years ago

Tongue Tie

Hi My little girl (6 weeks) was diagnosed with tongue tie by the health visitor. I’m getting myself worked up that they are going to have to cut her. Has anyone been through this with their LO? How was it and how was your LO afterwards? TIA 😊
Tongue Tie

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Scorton, North Yorkshire, GB
2 months ago

My son and myself both have tongue tie, I haven’t got his cut as I believe he’s been feeding completely fine and he’s still hitting the weight goals, I have had mine for 21 years so it can’t be that bad keeping it 😅

3 months ago

If she’s feeding fine, and is not hurting your nipples (if you’re breastfeeding) there’s no need to have it cut. Both my children had it snipped and I paid for it since NHS takes too long with appointments. I only did cause they couldn’t latch and we’re not feeding properly, plus, my nipples were getting very hurt to the point they’d bleed. But if you’re not having any problems and your child is content, I’d say no reason to cut it. If you do choose to cut it, the snip is very quick and there’s very little bleeding, the nurse snips it at your house and the baby goes straight to your breast afterwards. In my opinion, is no different from a vaccine pain.

3 months ago

My 4 week old has one they said they would not cut it because he was eating fine, my husband also has one and never had any issues or had it cut

3 months ago

They don't clip.them anymore in my city as there's not enough evidence around it improving, and causes unnecessary pain. See a lactation consultant about any feeding issues and other options

Surrey Quays, Greater London, GB
3 months ago

If this matters, I had this cut when I was a newborn. Mum was struggling to breastfeed me and got this treatment when I was 1 m.o. She had to use bottle instead by that time. As a result I refused breast at all (preferred bottles). At that times there were no pumps so I can’t imagine how she expressed milk using just hands for soooo long🙈 Long story short, my baby has the same problem now and we thankfully have a cut scheduled next week. Can’t wait as my nipples have been suffering (shields do not help)!

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