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  • 2 months ago

Tongue Tie

Hi My little girl (6 weeks) was diagnosed with tongue tie by the health visitor. I’m getting myself worked up that they are going to have to cut her. Has anyone been through this with their LO? How was it and how was your LO afterwards? TIA 😊
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  • 9 days ago

My daughter had tongue tie and she had hers cut at 5 days old. My husband and dad went in with the midwife and she cut my daughter. She didn’t even cry. They brought her straight to me and I fed her and she was absolutely fine x

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  • 16 days ago

My son had his tongue, lip and buccal ties revised. They lasered his and he was in some pain but with Tylenol he was fine he didn’t end up nursing until an hour later which is normal because of them being tired from crying or the pain.

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  • 18 days ago

I had this with my little boy he wasnt able to drink properly when he was born thankfully they noticed it a few hours after he was born and cut it the next day it was really quick and he only cried for a few minutes then went to sleep they dont remember thankfully but I felt horrible and nervous but so glad I did it while he was young hes now 8 months and never had a problem since. My husband had it too and had his cut around 5 years old and he still remembers the pain now hes 31 lol

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Ive got 3 ... all 3 tied First snipped at 5 weeks 2nd not snipped 3rd snipped at 9 weeks I really regret not having the 2nd done, shes 18 months now an i can really see the restriction Yes it hurts, yes they cry(you might too) but it was worth it for me, tounge ties can cause all sorts of issues later on and potentially feeding and speech issues long with aches pains and other issues 🤷‍♀️

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Yes very true my baby at tge time waa having alot of breathing problems until he got his clipped i noticed the difference

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My little girl had hers done at 7 weeks. Was dead quick and she screamed just after but then was fine, and now feeds better (and properly) and it doesn’t hurt me when she does feed!

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