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Birth plan

Hi mommas! I am attempting to come up with a birth plan and feel slightly overwhelmed. Little history on me. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant, have still worked out (CrossFit, yes I modify movements to be pregnancy friendly 😉) the entire pregnancy and am very active. For this reason the thoughts of an epidural and being stuck in the bed make me cringe! I am not opposed to medication during labor but I do not typically respond to medication well, such as hallucinations and feeling loopy. See my problems here?! How did you determine what to do?? And what route did you take?!
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Hi! Birth doula here!! Birth plans are such a wonderful way to figure out what you want/don’t want in labor, as well as a way to research all your options! And there’s sooo many options and ways to birth. You can use a birth ball or aromatherapy or massage or position changes to help baby get into better position! Unfortunately some of that can’t be utilized fully with certain medications. Once you have any drugs you will most likely need constant monitoring and mobility will be limited, just something to keep in mind :) you can totally do this, mama

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You can get mobile epidurals xx

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I didn’t have a birth plan. Because you don’t know what’s going to happen. But I knew I never wanted the epidural. I had all natural deliveries four times. With just laughing gas.

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I was very go with the flow. My only plan was a happy healthy baby and mama. After about 3 hours in actual labor, I got an epidural when the contractions brought tears to my eyes. I would go with what you feel comfortable with in the moment. Prior to the epidural I was up walking, sitting on an exercise ball and bouncing/rolling my hips.

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I did natural. I also gave birth breach, so it definitely can be done & your body is fully capable! It's an amazing feeling to feel your child come out also.

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