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  • J
  • 2 months ago

Anyone had a HSG scan? (Hysterosalpingography)

I’m being sent for a HSG and I’m getting really worried about the procedure if anyone could give me their experiences x
  • D
  • 2 months ago

Hi ladies - just wondering water vs lipoidal? And success rate of falling pregnant afterwards?

  • E
  • 9 months ago

For me it was discomfort, not really pain. It was very quick. I didn’t have a blockage.

  • B
  • about 1 year ago

I had my test earlier this week a little cramping but nothing as bad as my period. Just follow what your doctor and nurses tell you and you should be good.

  • A
  • about 1 year ago

I just had this test yesterday. It was not painful.

  • R
  • about 1 year ago

Just had one 3 days ago. Pain was almost none, just discomfort like a pap. They told me to relax my pelvis so I did. No prophylactic antibiotics for me. But I totally regret getting it bc of the contrast and xrays. Came home that night and did more research , found out SIS is almost as good as HSG for tubes, better to visualize uterus, no radiation or contrast. HSG is fine if you really need it, but given my low risk factors (no previous std), I found out too late that I wish I had done SIS instead.

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