• S
  • Leominster, United States
  • 2 years ago

Mom Brain

What had been your worst Mom brain moment? Besides the fact that I’ll forget what I’m saying mid sentence, I forgot to pack extra clothes on the same day my 3 MO has a blowout. In our car. In December.
  • K
  • PA, US
  • a year ago

Pumped milk at work and left it there, misplace things from the second I put it somewhere, overcook food, get stuck talking to someone like I was too exhausted to think of words

  • R
  • Sandy, United Kingdom
  • a year ago

Ok. Where do I start?! Lol Left the house with slippers, put breadsticks in the fridge. And yesterday stopped the car, put in the gear and released the clutch.. 3 times in one journey!! Was so upset with myself, I never ever use to do that! And many more...

  • M
  • Arlington Heights, United States
  • a year ago

Ugh! My mom brains drive me crazy for sure! I’m so much more forgetful with everything from names to forgetting what I came in the room for. Hope all the fish oil I’ve been shoving down the back of my throat helps!

  • S
  • St Kilda, Australia
  • a year ago

Left a grocery bag full of prenatal vitamins, bio oil and all things for pregnancy at a cafe. Forgot to pick it up, came home and went back to cafe. The owner actually let me look at the surveillance tape and saw a business man sitting next to me steal it straight after I left. Have fun with those products buddy!! Good find for a guy... lol NOT.

  • C
  • Springfield, United States
  • a year ago

Putting my phone in fridge and milk in the cabinet, guys think we are just being funny but it's a real thing

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