3 years ago

Advice on an ISA

Does anyone have suggestions for the best ISA to open for my little one?🤗
Advice on an ISA

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8 months ago

First of all what a sensible and intelligent young lady to think ahead. ISA is a plan but as long as they are sensible with it...or what about premium bonds , have you thought of this ? X

1 year ago

I've open an investment called nutmeg. And also a savings bank account for my LG

2 years ago

We are opening up an account and buying our baby premium bonds instead with the money she’s been gifted. There’s no interest but you can earn more on your money should you win on any of your bond numbers. My husband has had his for 3 months and won £75 already.

2 years ago

Really depends on your goals and risk management. I have just done a big research on Junior ISAs. The best one I found for cash ISA is Coventry Building society. 3.6% pa. And the other one is Hargreaves lansdown for stocks and shares ISA. They actually let you pick your own stocks which I very much like. However, the pricing options need improvement. Not too happy about £5.99/trade but unfortunately it’s the best offer out there. I will do a mix of cash and shares. However, I am wondering if a cash ISA makes sense since the inflation will eat up the little return it generates. X

3 years ago

If u bottle feed, imo it’s ok to rinse the bottle and parts with really Hott water instead of thouroughky cleaning it every time! Xoxo congratulations!

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