New Port Richey, Florida, US
3 years ago

Screen time?

I just got my son's progress report from school, he is 6. The report says that he needs work on following directions and organizational skills. I suggested to my husband that his screen time has a lot to do with him not following directions because all that he cares about it playing video games or watching some you tube shows. My husband doesn't agree. Do you think screen time effects following directions, or am I just being crazy? Lol
Screen time?

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7 hours ago

It can affect concentration particularly in large doses. However, so can many other things like never having anyone explain what 'being organised means'. This is very general feedback isn't it. They should instead say what it is he could do better and how.

28 days ago

My 15 month old only gets screen time when we’re doing FaceTime with family and friends. That’s it. There’s too much research that suggests how damaging early screen time can be, particularly in large doses and from a very young age. My sister and her family do a lot of screens and now she’s got similar problems with her kids that have gotten worse as they get older. There may be other links as well to other things ie. Genetics, but you can’t deny all the research that has come out on screen time and how detrimental too much can be. That being said, I am expecting our second in January and we’ll see how well I do with two and no screen time.

6 months ago

Depends on the shows, yes. My toddler has screen time n the shows are educational sing song fun. He’s learned a lot from these shows, such as following directions like heads shoulders knees n toes as we copy them together.

8 months ago

Unfortunately in my situation which is a stay at home mum, with no real support network in relation to the pandemic and my husband doing 12 hour shifts, as well as it having been winter, my daughter gets a lot of television....however we also go out in nature multiple times a week, we read and play together. I know I could do more and I know sitting down doing more focused activities more regularly would be better. I think for some parents cutting tv out just wouldn't support the parents mental wellbeing....but its looking at the full picture of what a child's day or week consists of and if there is a real lack of physical play, reading, art, and other such things, as well as being in nature, to then factor this in as best you are able. Good luck. Its tough for many parents, especially with the pandemic. Perhaps put music on for a bit instead of tv?

9 months ago

You’re not crazy. Studies show it is linked to declining attention spans. Limit his time on them. Many sites online will give you ways to do that. It sucks because even in schools now they’re getting tons of screen time apparently. :/ Makes it hard to balance at home. If you allow game time, try to have it be something focus orienteer, not things like shooting games, but more like problem solving games. Best wishes!

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