• Jamie
  • New Port Richey, Florida, US
  • 7 months ago

Screen time?

I just got my son's progress report from school, he is 6. The report says that he needs work on following directions and organizational skills. I suggested to my husband that his screen time has a lot to do with him not following directions because all that he cares about it playing video games or watching some you tube shows. My husband doesn't agree. Do you think screen time effects following directions, or am I just being crazy? Lol
  • K
  • 7 months ago

Unlimited in my home.

  • M
  • 12 months ago

I definitely am a parent that needs screen time to get work done so I understand at times it’s hard to not slip them that phone . But parental timers are a thing and I would say don’t be too hard on yourself, just make sure theyre spending more time playing with toys/outside then video games. With my 4 year old in TK he knows he has to have all hw assignments done before any video games/YouTube etc. so I guess set boundaries 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I
  • about 1 year ago

Check out The Center of Humane Technology they have plenty of information on this. Completely changed my outlook.

  • L
  • over 1 year ago

I agree. I notice a huge difference in behavior with my girls and their screen time.

  • C
  • over 1 year ago

There is a strong research indicating a connection between inattentiveness and screen time, especially if screen time was introduced early and used for increased durations. I’m a educator who does parent workshops for early intervention and we always show this research to our parents so they can make informed decisions. Long durations of screen time doesn’t give children opportunities to learn to self regulate, be creative and focus. I’m definitely not judging for use of screen time, but I think parents just need the information so they can make informed decisions.

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