• Jamie
  • FL, US
  • 2 months ago

Screen time?

I just got my son's progress report from school, he is 6. The report says that he needs work on following directions and organizational skills. I suggested to my husband that his screen time has a lot to do with him not following directions because all that he cares about it playing video games or watching some you tube shows. My husband doesn't agree. Do you think screen time effects following directions, or am I just being crazy? Lol
  • A
  • FL, US
  • 4 hours ago

There are sooooo many studies linking screen time to ADHD 🤷🏻‍♀️There are lots of educational tools/ games you can use that are not tablets/phones. Even television is better for children than devices they can swipe on. It’s the instant gratification of swiping on phones etc that releases dopamine and causes issues and addiction in children AND adults. Trying to learn to limit MY screen time 😂 our daughter will not be using devices until she is at least 10 and at that point it will still be very limited

  • A
  • Oceanside, USA
  • 6 days ago

Yes, it effects children. There's some great info about it from the American Academy of Pediatrics. We don't let our kids use screens and they are happy, creative and we love that there's no struggle.

  • E
  • OK, US
  • 10 days ago

My friend gives her kids 2 hours a week of screen time and then they play board games or do art or go outside if the weather is nice. There's way more to do than screen time. My son is only 8 month so I do a few education shows only. Or bible adventures 2 times away. He may not quite understand but he likes it and it's speaking life to him. And then he's learning colors and shapes. When there little I think educational videos are good just a few a day . Anything else no thank for us

  • J
  • WA, US
  • 21 days ago

How much time is he on screens a day?

  • H
  • GA, US
  • 21 days ago

We limit my son's tablet to 2 hours a day and it's set up so it tells him it's time to take a break when the time is up. Try to keep him busy with projects and other activities.

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