3 years ago

Names? ✨

Out of pure curiosity, I’m super interested to know when/how you knew you had found the perfect name for your little one ♥️ Was it something you had planned from before conception, early on in pregnancy, late in pregnancy or after their earth-side arrival, etc. What about middle names?? When did you share their name with the world? (Family, friends, social media, etc.) Also! I’d love to hear what names you’ve chosen! (if you’re comfortable sharing!) PS. As for me, I knew my little one would be named Orion before I found out her sex. Boy or girl, that was my proud decision. I was just about 3.5-4 months pregnant when I concluded that. As for her middle names, I was closer to 6 months when I officially decided. I chose to share with my parents pretty early on (after I had decided on middle names, so I could announce her name in its entirety ✨). I only told my closest of friends around month 7 and I was so excited to have made it to month 8, I shared on social media in a long, heartfelt post (although I originally had intention of waiting for her earth side arrival). PPS. If you have any questions about my daughters name, I’d love to chat about it in our DMs :) Thanks in advance! So stoked to read your answers!! ♥️🥰
Names? ✨

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12 hours ago

We chose Orion for our son in 2019 but just a week before I felt it wasn’t meant for him as a first name anymore. We called him ET in jest but it’s a long standing joke that he was our alien invasion. Skip ahead to him being born as a preemie at home we didn’t have a name for him for almost 2 full weeks. That is when we named him Elliot Turner-Orion. We kept ET. But I also kept Orion. Our star child. It’s just a deep innate knowing when you feel it and your baby will also tell you.

2 months ago

Don't call him Tappin. In familiar language french, tapin mean whore, bitch.

2 months ago

We basically settled on James Michael for a boy even before we were married. James just sounds so timeless and literary to us. Michael is my husband’s middle name as I wanted our son to have part of his dad’s name, and my husband didn’t want a junior. Michael is also my husband’s dad’s name.

3 months ago

My daughter Olive was named after my great aunty, but my other daughter Lyla was instead of Isla because isla is very lovely but so popular now.

3 months ago

For my son Owen, we had talked about a dozen other names but I really wanted it to mean something. We ended up giving him the middle name of my sons dad's grandfather who is no longer with us. For his middle name,, Henry, we kept hearing the name so it would be the name of every TV show main character, we would hear other people's kids with that name etc so we felt it was a sign to name him Henry.

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