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Names? ✨

Out of pure curiosity, I’m super interested to know when/how you knew you had found the perfect name for your little one ♥️ Was it something you had planned from before conception, early on in pregnancy, late in pregnancy or after their earth-side arrival, etc. What about middle names?? When did you share their name with the world? (Family, friends, social media, etc.) Also! I’d love to hear what names you’ve chosen! (if you’re comfortable sharing!) PS. As for me, I knew my little one would be named Orion before I found out her sex. Boy or girl, that was my proud decision. I was just about 3.5-4 months pregnant when I concluded that. As for her middle names, I was closer to 6 months when I officially decided. I chose to share with my parents pretty early on (after I had decided on middle names, so I could announce her name in its entirety ✨). I only told my closest of friends around month 7 and I was so excited to have made it to month 8, I shared on social media in a long, heartfelt post (although I originally had intention of waiting for her earth side arrival). PPS. If you have any questions about my daughters name, I’d love to chat about it in our DMs :) Thanks in advance! So stoked to read your answers!! ♥️🥰
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I had a huge list of girls names perpetrated years before I had my son 😂 so when I found out I was pregnant I though yay I’m prepared I know exactly all the names I want but then when we found out we were having a boy we were super stuck for choices there was nothing that really sounded perfect for us until we heard André and we both loved it both middle names John after my grandad and Raheem chosen by my partners parents so it fit perfectly Now I don’t mind 2nd time round as I am more than prepared with the names for boys and girls haha

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My fiancé LOVED the name Rowan for our son. I suggested a million names to him but he always came back to Rowan. One night at work (I was working at Carters) and a little family of 3 came in. The boy was adorable, the whole time the mom shopped the son and the dad ran around the whole store playing and laughing loudly (that is 100% our family dynamic) I saw the dad and thought ‘that is how Ashton is going to be with our son’ after a couple minutes the dad and mom walked up to the counter and the dad looked at the boy (who still wanted to run around and play) and said “get over here Rowan, were checking out.” And a chill ran down my spine. I knew in that moment that Rowan was meant to be my sons name. I started chatting with the family and told the boy “I really like your name. I’m having a little boy in March and Rowan is the name we’re going with!” The little boy smiled and his dad said “it’s a really great name!” I then gave the boy a sticker and they left.

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My husband’s role model is his grandpa Douglas. It’s also my husband’s middle name and my grandfather and great grandfathers middle name. But it was super important to my husband to name our son after his grandpa. We named our son Douglas Asher Pierce. Asher is biblical and it means happy or blessed. We call our son Dash though. :)

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Before I was pregnant hubby and I were watching the box set "entourage" I loved the character Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven When our son was born I just knew he was Ari! It suits him so much I'm pregnant with no. 2 and it's hard to find a boys name I like as much as Ari. I am set on Mariella for a girl. I have my 20 week scan next week so I can either sit back and chill name wise if it's a girl or if it's a boy I will need to get thinking! Xx

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Both our kids we were each torn on a name and waited til we saw them. Both me and my boyfriend are super stubborn and wanted the name we each liked. When I saw my son, I knew right away his name thou. And with our daughter after seeing her we were still both torn, so we decided to chose her on a coin flip as we were being discharged from the hospital lol But both of them have our middle names. Perfect since we have a boy and a girl.

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