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Life with PCOS

Hi ladies, I am new here, and I feel so much better, knowing that I'm not alone. I have read so many stories of different women that have really uplifted me. My husband and I finally decided to start having a family, but only to find out that my left tube is blocked and can't be unblocked because the blockage is too close to the ovary, and I also have PCOS. I was immediately put on Metformin, Inositol, Ova boost to improve the quality of eggs, Bromocriptine because I had high levels prolactin, Meniphib to regulate my periods, folic acid as well as some antibiotics because I had an infection. You can imagine how my mind and body felt, I was all over the place because of hormones being put into balance by the tones of meds I have been taking. The Dr advised us that if we want to have a baby now, we should consider IVF because our chances are too slim to have a baby the natural way (I was gutted). I just wanted to find out from you ladies what I need to do to cope with PCOS and is IVF the only way I can conceive with PCOS as you know IVF is so expensive and also what if it doesn't work.... 😞😔
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Hey. I’m a newbie too to this app and never shared stuff like this before. We have been ttc for over 3 years now and have pcos too. My periods are all over the place (every 2-3 months but then sometimes nothing for months) and I never know when I’m ovulating 😫 it’s just so stressful and I know we need to stay as stress free as possible. I feel so down and sad about all of this but reading everyone’s comments just brings light to everything. Everyone seems so friendly. I agree Mwape and feel exactly the same. I felt so alone when I found out I have pcos but reading everyone’s stories made me feel so much better too. We can do this girls 💜❤️💜❤️

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I got iui with clomid

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My husband and I had been trying for years. Pcos made everything such a struggle. We conceived 4 times with 3 miscarriages. Finally, we brought our son into the world. He was 3 months early. He is 100% happy and healthy. Things happen when they are meant to. Stress makes it harder. Try and relax into it. It's hard, I know. You've got this.

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Prayers and Baby Dust!!!!😘😘😘😘

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Relax try to enjoy you time with hubby see what happens I went through 3.5years of fertility treatment and now 9 years later I have 4 kids aging between 5.5 years and 3months. Fertility treatment was horrible and hubby and I went through hard times. But we made it started from the start with a new doctor relaxed was also planning our wedding so didn’t really think about babies and to our surprise and everyone else we have had all our children naturally. And you May also be surprise once you have one that it isn’t so hard to fall after that. Wishing you all the luck

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