3 years ago

Life with PCOS

Hi ladies, I am new here, and I feel so much better, knowing that I'm not alone. I have read so many stories of different women that have really uplifted me. My husband and I finally decided to start having a family, but only to find out that my left tube is blocked and can't be unblocked because the blockage is too close to the ovary, and I also have PCOS. I was immediately put on Metformin, Inositol, Ova boost to improve the quality of eggs, Bromocriptine because I had high levels prolactin, Meniphib to regulate my periods, folic acid as well as some antibiotics because I had an infection. You can imagine how my mind and body felt, I was all over the place because of hormones being put into balance by the tones of meds I have been taking. The Dr advised us that if we want to have a baby now, we should consider IVF because our chances are too slim to have a baby the natural way (I was gutted). I just wanted to find out from you ladies what I need to do to cope with PCOS and is IVF the only way I can conceive with PCOS as you know IVF is so expensive and also what if it doesn't work.... 😞😔
Life with PCOS

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5 days ago

No babe, now there is no shame if you're able to swing IVF do it 100%! But you can look up meal she eats on Instagram they actually helped their fertility via food. And there are tons of lists and stuff on Pinterest about when to eat what types of food if you want to go through with that. I don't want to make any promises because everybody is different but it is possible. Don't give up but also don't stress your body out to a point where you and your s/o aren't enjoying each other in the process either. I know when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant we reached a point where it was so stressful it almost became a chore and it wasn't something we looked forward to joyfully or enjoyed together and that was when we said okay, let's take a break from IUI if it's in God's will it'll happen and I really think handing it over to the Lord and just being grateful whether it does or doesn't happen is what prepped my body the best

16 days ago

Hey! I have pcos and got pregnant naturally! I followed an anti inflammatory diet and took some supplements! And that despite my husband having 0% of normal sperm morphology so dont lose hope!!! :)) just keep faith and stay relaxed😇

3 months ago

I have PCOS too(no blocked tube though) and I was able to conceive naturally and give birth. I went to a naturopathic and she helped me a lot in terms of regulating my hormones. I had to change the way I ate, incorporate meditation, taking supplements and working out the right way but it was all worth it! I am not saying this will work for everyone (and sometimes IVF might be the answer) but atleast going to a naturopath and getting your hormone levels checked wouldn’t hurt. Sending you positive thoughts!! :)

3 months ago

I have pcos but my only proper symptom was some hair loss and irregular periods. We tried for 18 months and had a lot of fertility tests we were due to start our first round of IUI when I found out that I was pregnant. We conceived naturally this time and both feel very lucky and grateful, it just took us a little bit longer ☺️

4 months ago

I'm late to seeing this post. I have pcos. I was diagnosed at the age of 18. Acne, weight gain, no periods, or long lasting periods (longest one being 8 months), so many symptoms changing my diet and excercise didn't help me. But i tried alot of mindfulness to relax and relieve stress. It took me 10 years to fall pregnant, as it was always on mind that I wanted a child. The minute I focused on myself and focused on my mental wellbeing I fell pregnant. Do not give up it's definitely possible to conceive with pcos. I wish you all the very best of luck on your journey.

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