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  • WA, US
  • 2 months ago


What were signs you ladies had before you went into labor?? I wanna know all of them! just lost my mucus plug last night!!!
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  • CA, US
  • 2 days ago

I had a couple sharp contractions during the day while out grocery shopping, flu like symptoms a couple days before, and then my water broke and I was immediately in active labor 😅

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  • AZ, US
  • 8 days ago

I had a membrane sweep the morning I went into labor. It felt like irregular light period cramps at first, but over the course of the day they got stronger and more regular and I realized they were actually contractions.

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  • IL, US
  • 15 days ago

I lost my mucus plug a little bit for a few days, and the day my water broke, I had ‘bloody show’ , that was the only sign I had besides my water breaking but I did not contract on my own. I had to be induced

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  • MO, US
  • 16 days ago

Had some diarrhea. Couldn’t sleep that night even before contractions, but didn’t know why. What I thought was Braxton Hicks contractions just got more frequent and intense. I knew it was go time, you will too!

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  • ENG, GB
  • 17 days ago

I had mild contractions for about half hour and then they got really bad, started at 9:30 was in hospital by 11 at 7cm. Never lost my mucus plug or waters. My little girl was born 6 and a half hours after mild contractions started. If you get in a lot of pain with contractions and it’s your first baby go into the hospital they kept trying to tell my to stay at home as it’ll be a few hours. Luckily my partner got on the phone and told them we were coming in and didn’t take no for an answer! 🥰 good luck!

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