3 years ago


EDIT: I HAD MY BABY DECEMBER 27TH!💙 What were signs you ladies had before you went into labor?? I wanna know all of them! just lost my mucus plug last night!!!

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4 months ago

Waters broke woth first pregnancy, it felt like the longest wee ever it went on for 10 mins before I realized hang on my waters have just broke. 🙈😁

8 months ago

Hi, I had a bloody show on a Friday night and then contractions started 24hrs hours later. It was full on strong contractions 😖

8 months ago

I was induced I developed pre clampsia on a hormone drip was awful x

1 year ago

How can I tell contractions/Braxton Hicks from baby moving? I’ve been having stronger cramping and pressure the past couple days as well as increased (soft) bowel movements, and today especially lower back pain.

3 years ago

Honestly, I just felt off. He felt low, I felt more uncomfortable than usual. After about 7 hours I started getting contractions

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