Kate Spade:(

I’m so sad. I got contacted by like 3 different pages to write articles about my Kate ♠️love. Any other fans out there?
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Love her bags. So sad 😞

Yeah, her brand is quality stuff for sure. Definitely love it!

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So when do our bags become a collector’s brand and finally start yielding us money like those vintage Guccis? I need to be making some money back so I can buy more. Hahah.

Really saddened by this!! First her, then Bourdain. :(

Same here I loved her style and her collection it’s all I carry

Super Sad!!! Love the Brand

Huge fan of her bags and planners. So saddened by the news.

Love her stuff! So sad 😞

I LOVE kate spade ♠️ I just wish my mommy budget was digger so I could buy more!!!

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They have surprise sales all the time! You can get bags for cheap cheap!:)

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