Copper IUD

Does anyone have the copper IUD Paragard? Do you like it? Any side effects?
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I had it for 9 years

I don’t have any side affects my boyfriend feels it every now and then the insertion was quick have to wear a pad for a few and yes I had it for 9 years one more year and I get a new one

Got mine 9 months ago. No complaints. Had cramping and bleeding for a few days like any other period. My husband feels it sometimes. He says it's weird but doesn't bother him.

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I’ve had it for 3 years now

Never again

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My hubby said string kept poking his pee hole and hurt I also wouldnt stop bleeding and started to get scared i waited 30 days to see if i woukd get useto iud but didnt stop bleeding i was getting so weak i coukdnt even walk from blood loss im a healthy person i workout eat healthy i rarely have heavy periods in general so i went to docter and said take that damn thing out

Heavy and painful periods!

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Did they get better after a while or not so much?

I've been on it for a year and every month it has been the same I was hoping that it was going to get better but it hasnt. I had the mirena before and that didn't give me heavy or painful periods it just made me miss my periods while making me hold onto baby weight.

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