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Starting baby on solids

Hey mom's 👋 so my son is turning 8 months old this month and I'm trying to get him on solids and finger foods. He's been on purees for awhile now but I want him to start eating actual food. He definitely shows all signs of readiness.I'm having a really hard time figuring out what the best method is. I'm also super super afraid that he's going to choke and any time I've given him something, he'd gag or cough and I'd intervene right away even though I know it's all normal. I've been doing a lot of reading and research and asking questions but I just can't get over the fear that he's going to choke. How did you guys handle giving food to baby and what all did you do? Please help because I feel like a horrible momma!
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I started on things like scrambled eggs and liver pate, and now she eats everything, but i just tear or cut it into small bite sized pieces for her.

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We did softer things like banana. We also got the Gerber Puffs. They are kinda crunchy and come in lots of flavors but they almost instantly melt in their mouth. Our son ate them from 6 months till almost 2.

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You can check out her account (babyledweanteam) on instagram! She gives all kinds of helpful information including what food to start and differences between gagging and chocking...etc

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We went the baby led weaning route. It’s extremely scary when you see your baby chocking but try to act as calm and “normal” as possible. I tried feeding him 3 food groups to help get him as many nutrients as possible and lots of exposure. Look up baby led weaning recipes online. Your baby can eat almost anything you can but make sure to watch out for high sodium. Good luck mama!

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It's not choking, it's gagging, and yes it's normal. I know you know this but try to use correct wording because choking is what's so scary.

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Look into Baby lead weaning! I did this with my son and plan to with my daughter when she’s a little older

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