4 years ago

When did you share the good news?

How far along were you Mamas when you announced your pregnancy?
When did you share the good news?

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12 days ago

I was 17 weeks when we told the family

20 days ago

First pregnancy I told my mom at 8 weeks, and told everyone else after 20+ weeks. Second (current) I told my family at 10 weeks And told a select couple co-workers, one at 8 weeks and one after 12 weeks because I kept refusing to lift heavy things and I figured I should at least have a reason why I won’t be lifting heavy things anymore. I am almost 15 weeks with my second and I haven’t really told anyone else.

10 months ago

I announced at 13 weeks :)

1 year ago

During my first pregnancy, I didn't wait long and told my mom on the condition she didn't tell anyone. She told my estranged sister, and I had a miscarriage almost right after 💔 During my second pregnancy, I told only my husband and a close friend, and announced it to everyone else after 13 weeks

1 year ago

Parents and siblings were told straight away. If not they would have guessed as we are close family. Some of the family we are going to tell at Xmas time. I will be 10-11 weeks. Then we are going to tell everyone else after the dating scan which is at 13 weeks.

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