3 years ago

19 weeks, can't sleep...

I have trouble sleeping every night. I always sleep on myleft side but now the left side is getting uncomfortable. It's 4:28 am and I'm still awake...does this happen to anyone else? Any advice?
19 weeks, can't sleep...

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9 months ago

I’ve been super sick from 6-17 weeks and also now experiencing the insomnia and inability to get comfortable. I’m usually awake from 2-3 and 430 on. I’ve tried pillows and unisom and they help a little but still not great.

1 year ago

Is unisom a sleeping pill? Is that an American drug? I’ve also had insomnia most of my pregnancy except when I get away on holiday and fully relax.

1 year ago

I use a pregnancy pillow and sleep great tbh! Except I cannot sleep atm due to being sick :( but the pillow helps alot

1 year ago

Following for more answers. I’m at 8 weeks and just can’t calm down enough to sleep. Doc said Unisom is a fine sleep aid during pregnancy but haven’t tried it yet. :/ Tired of being exhausted. I’m usually such a good sleeper!

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7 months ago

I use unisom. Just popped 2 few minutes ago.

1 year ago

I'm terrible and I'm only 6 weeks 😢😴

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