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  • TX, US
  • 24 days ago

19 weeks, can't sleep...

I have trouble sleeping every night. I always sleep on myleft side but now the left side is getting uncomfortable. It's 4:28 am and I'm still awake...does this happen to anyone else? Any advice?
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  • AU
  • a day ago

I slept on the couch for most of my pregnancy because it supported my back when laying on my side. Not best solution but worked for me. I didn’t have a whole body pillow, just small one under the bump. Sleep deprivation as bad as it seems will prepare you better than your partner for when baby arrives and you will already be used to lack of sleep. Hope this helps a little.

  • K
  • CT, US
  • 3 days ago

Let pillows be your friend from head to toe out them where needed try and stay on ur left (great for baby blood flow), pillow btwn ur legs, behind ur back where ever you need it just prop up

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  • TX, US
  • 4 days ago

It happens why to often for me 🙄 it's suuuucks

  • J
  • CA, US
  • 9 days ago

I hated preggo pillows, so I just used an assortment of small different shaped ones. A small accent pillow kinda tucked under the belly while on my left, one I could hold onto and one I had my hubby put kinda under my back and side while I rolled a little forward he would position it and i would be kinda wedged in for the night(until I had to pee). Unfortunately that’s the best you can do, and it sorta kinda gets worse 😐 and sleep after birth is nonexistent so sleep however now. Only plus is getting your tummy or back sleep back if you like those positions.

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  • 10 days ago

I woke up almost every hour to go pee which was much worse but honestly I just used some pillows and during the day I napped nothing else I can do that time.

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