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Help a momma!

So let me start by saying I don’t cook not that I don’t want to I just don’t know, but I do try tho. I cook here and there but we eat out most time and at my moms. My son is still on formula and he eats mostly everythingand was doing great. Well he got sick (cold, cough and throat) he lost so much weight he didn’t want to eat but he started eating and drinking his milk again still I’m super worried that he’s going to get malnutrition. I need some advice of ideas to feed him or Recipes that I can cook for toddlers, something for beginners in the kitchen or if anyone has a recommendation please help!
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Try Annabel Karmel recipes, missus - she has some cracking recipes for little ones.https://www.annabelkarmel.com/

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If your little one is sick please don’t give him any starch, white flour or things like beans/potatoes. They will feed his illness. Instead opt for fresh fruit(raspberries, blueberries, pears, dates, etc,) veggies (green beans in a little veggie broth, sautéed carrots, squash, zucchini) My husband and I are herbalist and when our son gets sick we usually keep his meals light and try to give him warm herbal teas with herbs like tulsi, shillajit, fenugreek, etc., If you need any help please don’t hesitate to message me ♥️

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Have you tried Mac and cheese?

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Purée machine or a very dang good blender. Blend fruits of anything they aren’t allergic to, put it in a sippy cup or their regular bottle. Mix one fruit at a time though. Mine loved bananas. Right now she’s not wanting to eat. She’s picky is all. But I’m struggling still. Baby Gerber tub foods are good too, mix with formula or just water (w/ no fluoride in it tho) Mine chugs it. 🥺😭 I hope this helps!

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Mashed potato, bitesize boiled veg, pasta & sauce / bisto gravy

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