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Help a momma!

So let me start by saying I don’t cook not that I don’t want to I just don’t know, but I do try tho. I cook here and there but we eat out most time and at my moms. My son is still on formula and he eats mostly everythingand was doing great. Well he got sick (cold, cough and throat) he lost so much weight he didn’t want to eat but he started eating and drinking his milk again still I’m super worried that he’s going to get malnutrition. I need some advice of ideas to feed him or Recipes that I can cook for toddlers, something for beginners in the kitchen or if anyone has a recommendation please help!
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I would start with scramblers eggs and plain toast! It’s a simple meal and protein and fat from the eggs are filling but not heavy. It’s my go to if my son isn’t feeling well or being a little picky. He goes through phases of not wanting to eat but that combination never fails.

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Grandma S.O.S that’s the best help I can give you.

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Follow some accounts on Instagram for inspiration

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I’m in your shoes. I use Postmates.

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My son loves things like a bolognese (meat sauce) on pasta. Giada has a super simple recipe I can send you. Has veggies in at as well. Or a simple shepherds pie. I have another simple recipe for that if you want it. Recently is into noodles like the Japanese udon ones, very soft. You can also buy that almond milk that has banana puree in it. I was giving almond milk for a bit during a stuffy cold to see if laying off the dairy helped ( I'm allergic myself and it swells my sinuses) and I started giving the banana milk cuz he loves bananas. It's loaded in calories and I was fattening him up! 😬

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