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  • 22 days ago

New born crying

I currently have a two week old baby girl, and when she’s not eating or sleeping she is crying. She sleeps well, eats well, poops and pees well. Is this normal for a newborn to cry so much?Just making sure I’m not missing something.
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  • MD, US
  • 2 hours ago

Babies at this age are adjusting to being outside mama instead of inside still. Keeping her close to you, holding her, rocking and shushing to simulate the sounds and sensations she had in the womb will all be comforting to her. Lots of snuggles and cuddles :)

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  • 2 days ago

How’s it going? Has she settled and what worked in the end?

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  • AZ, US
  • 3 days ago

Try white noise on YouTube with a pacifier or bottle

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  • MN, US
  • 4 days ago

My son would constantly cry when he wasn’t sleeping too, and it seemed like he was in pain and I thought it was painful gas. But nothing helped and he constantly wanted to comfort nurse, and as it turned out, he was intolerant of my breast milk and we had to switch to formula. The day we switched, he was like a completely different baby. Super happy and calm.

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  • TX, US
  • 5 days ago

Colic calm works great, a routine also, put some loud music words you know and sing to her while holding and dancing, have her in close to you tight.

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