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  • Bluffdale, United States
  • about 1 month ago

Potty Training Twins

We're starting potty training and I want all the tips, whether you have twins or not! My girls are two and have been practicing and seemed generally ready for a while. I'm excited and feel ready, but mainly am scared about having two of them learning.
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I recently asked my mom about this because I want my son potty trained hopefully around age 1 like she did with us so my mom told me a story of her potty training me and my 5 other siblings..she said "I just bought a pack of diapers when you were about 15-18 months and told you that once you dirty the last diaper you would have to start using the toilet" and she said that none of us had any accidents except for my sister so she stopped giving one of my sisters anything to drink after a certain time each night and it worked šŸ¤·

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  • about 2 months ago

Iā€™m a nanny! And I potty trained twin girls a few years ago. They were quite young but very ready (22 months) I found one took to it instantly. Not one accident! And the other sit in her own wee and said nothing šŸ˜‚ but all in all by day 4 we were completely dry! The odd accident from one as she was just slightly lazier at times. She needed more encouragement. I used timers to help me and made it so exciting for them each time. Happy to explain more if you need any tips! X

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  • 4 months ago

I have twins too. My wee girl has just been trained there in the last month. She took to it straight away & has hardly had any pee accidents at all! Poos are a bit harder to crack. My wee boy isnt anywhere near ready yet so hes still in nappies. If they are ready it will be much easier & if 1 is more ready than the other just start with one. Good luck xx

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  • 4 months ago

Hi! My twins are still way too little to potty train but I used charts to potty train my toddler and it worked really well I had to taped in the bathroom and started by giving her a sticker everytome she tried to go Then once we got them I started only giving her a sticker when she was able to poo or pee on the toilet and once we filled the chart she got a prize It worked really well and made her excited to go potty

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Need tips for hard headed 3 yr old who refuses to sit on the toilet I've gotten books to read on the toilet toys candy rewards stickers praising I sit her on the toilet every morning but wont go but as soon ass I pull up her pull up boom she goes im at a dead end idk what to do

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