3 years ago

What's your baby's sleep routine like?

Hi mamas! I’m wondering what your babies 7 month old sleep looked like? Did you use a form of sleep training? Did you not? What did naps look like? There’s so many ways to do it, I’m just wondering what some other mamas did! Thanks guys!
What's your baby's sleep routine like?

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8 months ago

Omg I needed to read this so bad... My Little one is 7 months old and is such a restless sleeper.. Bed no later than 8, naps at least 4 times a day for maybe 40 min a time and up by 5 am.... Night feed around 2. I'm really starting to lose my mind with lack of sleep because we're co sleeping as well. Happy to read I'm not alone but good god us parents need a break

1 year ago

I used the blog Sleeping child sane parent. It's awesome! My little girl was sleeping through the night at a really young age, like 4 or 5 months. She also was only taking 30 minute cat naps and they helped me to get an hour or longer! But I will say, every kid is different and my little girl also went down to one nap at 9 months. I tried and tried to keep 2 naps for the longest time and it was such a battle! She is now 2 and a half and even one nap is a struggle. It's very hit and miss when she will take one. 😭 So it's more of a quiet time now. But I nanny kids who are 6 and 4 and they still take a nap! It's frustrating that mine won't, but they will get it if they need it I guess. I'm just glad she sleeps around 12 hours at night 🤗

1 year ago

Hi my 7 month old wont go down for a nap in the morning and hes waking up multiple times in the night i dnt no what i am doing wrong??

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1 year ago

You’re doing nothing wrong, all babies sleep is very different and training is best at 1 years old! With teething babies are usually irritable and restless

1 year ago

My Adam is 7 months old. The first week of life was hell. He was sleeping in his Moses basket. Every time he woke up wanting feeds at times just wanted to be held, I can say with honesty I didn’t sleep AT ALL that week! By second week we decided he is coming in bed with us, mind you we have an emperor bed so enough for 4-5 people in it, lots and lots of room! This was the best decision we made, he would wake up I give him the boob he sucks and falls asleep and so do I. Every time he woke up the boob was ready, at times I would be asleep and he would be sucking away. I wouldn’t recommend co sleeping but I’m a light sleeper. He is now 7 months, still co sleeps! But he has a very good pattern! He will wake up around 11am! Have breakfast. Then sleep at 1pm for 2 hours. Wake up at 3pm have lunch! Then a nap at 6pm! Wake up at 8pm have dinner. Then sleep with us around 11.30pm-midnight! Wakes up 1-2 times during the night for breast.

2 years ago

My girl is 7 months. She will be 8 months on 10/5. She just kinda put herself on her own schedule falling asleep about 6:30-7:30 pm then wakes up at 6-8 am

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