4 years ago

Going back to work

So Monday will be my official back to work day and it will be my first time ever leaving my baby for more than an hour. Do you all have any tips to help me get over this anxiety of leaving him? Lol
Going back to work

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12 months ago

I feel this 100%! I go back to work Nov. 1st and I’m dreading it so bad. I hate that this is so difficult in this country. We can’t afford for me to be a SAHM - we’re not Sweden!! I think FaceTime breaks are a great suggestion. I’m going to do that for sure.

1 year ago

No it never goes away for me

1 year ago

He is so handsome 🥰😍

1 year ago

Facetime, videos of baby whole pimping if nursing

4 years ago

I’m not going to lie to you leaving for like 8 hours is hard and u will miss him like crazy but what helped me is FaceTime.

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