Vaughan, Ontario, CA
3 years ago

How do you say “how are you?” in your own language?

& what language do you want your little one to learn? My daughter will learn French & Spanish. *** Maybe this might be helpful! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 Wow ladies, what a beautiful way to connect with language. If you’re seeking out another language to teach your little one and you come across someone that speaks it fluently — Possibly you can buddy up and help another mama out. 🥳
How do you say “how are you?” in your own language?

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2 months ago

Lay Ho(Cantonese) Ni hau(Mandarin) Both written as 你好 in one common language Chinese. Chinese people just read it in their own dialect.

2 months ago

Hoe gaan dit met jou? (Afrikaans). 🇿🇦

3 months ago

Vonces in Armenian

3 months ago

Hvordan har du det? 🇳🇴 Hur mår du? 🇸🇪

3 months ago

Wah Gwan? 🇯🇲

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