4 years ago

Teaching children about healthy relationships

How do you plan to teach/already teach your children about what healthy relationships look like? Any good books or articles about this?
Teaching children about healthy relationships

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Somersworth, New Hampshire, US
4 years ago

Children learn what they see. If you model a healthy relationship with your partner, they will expect that in their own relationships and will not tolerate anything less.

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4 years ago

Agreed. If the model is not ideal, then you should find age appropriate ways to talk about that honestly (simple as: "I don't like the way X talks to me sometimes, because it hurts my feelings." No elaboration or bashing from there.) and actively seek healthy couples to act as godparents to the child so that they see healthy interactions in a real way.

4 years ago

Easy I tell my son if you kiss a girl you get cooties and die lol

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4 years ago

😂😂I'm dead!!

4 years ago

Lol probably, but I didn’t know what else to tell them I was stumped

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