4 years ago

Separating families at the border

We’ve all seen this image Mamas. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s breaking my heart to think about women who are separated from their children. It seems so barbaric. What do you think? And are any of you doing anything to support? I feel like I want to donate or do something, but I don’t know what...feeling sad and helpless...
Separating families at the border

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4 months ago

International Rescue Committee works directly with refugee families.

5 months ago

This photo has really upset me and brought me to tears. How can you take away a child’s safety which are it’s parents/attachment figures. I don’t like this at all. Where is this happening??

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5 months ago

US- Mexico border. They’re doing this to make sure the children actually are related to the parents to help fight human trafficking. 30% of kids crossing the border are accompanied by someone that’s not their parents

6 months ago

The thing that pisses me off the most about the subject of immigrants is the dehumanization of brown folks. Why do the illegal white immigrants go unscathed/unnoticed/never talk about in the media? I dated a man who was illegal from Ireland. While in his world, I met so many illegal WHITE immigrants. They NEVER get talked about. It’s bigoted to only poke and pry at the brown immigrants. Rant done!

11 months ago

I’m not educated on the subject enough to discuss it fairly- but I can’t imagine being separated from my baby while trying to flee a country for a better life for him… breaks my heart.

Ellenwood, Georgia, US
12 months ago

I work for a migrant rights organization and also work in partnership with lots of other migrant justice organizations. What is happening to lots of migrants all over the world is devastating and inhumane. A few ways to contribute to the cause are: donating to migrant justice org, signing petitions, speaking to your local legislatures about immigration reform and even speaking with your own family and friends about the importance of pro-immigration policies.

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