3 years ago

Induction is on the table

Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks pregnant. My doctor has stated that he offers to deliver/induce mama’s at 39 weeks! Nothing before unless you have some sort of medical reasoning. My husband and I are both still studying at University and with classes starting back up very soon for the spring semester, an induction at 39 weeks honestly works great for us! & honestly who doesn’t want to meet their baby sooner?! Knowing that my doctor would never encourage or perform any sort of “procedure” or action without having the best interest of mine & baby’s health at heart, I would love to hear of your experiences! - When were you induced? - How/what was your experience? - Were you more inclined to use an epidural for pain management? - Would you do it again? Etc. I understand that as mama’s we all have very strong opinions about certain things. Please keep your intentions and words kind & encouraging when commenting😁
Induction is on the table

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1 month ago

Pros: having a scheduled date. Knowing what’s to come, having that prep, knowing your babes birthday. All makes it feel like you have the smallest bit of control, which is nice in an unknown situation. Cons: way more painful, forcing your body to start (even if it’s not ready). Either way - your body, your choice. Do what’s best for YOU and babe.

2 months ago

I was induced at 39 weeks with both of my babies and everything went smoothly.

6 months ago

Don’t bank on the induction meaning you’ll have your baby a week early! I was induced at 39 weeks and he was born 7 later 🙄 I had to stay in the whole time and also a further 2 days after birth so it was extremely long winded for me and if I were to do it again I would definitely not go through it unless there was a medical reason for it. In answer to your it other questions, before going into hospital I was pretty adamant I didn’t want an epidural yet I ended up with 2. The hormone drip is something else! I was on it for 15 hours straight with it making me contract very strongly. It was after 7 hours I had my first epidural and it stopped working soon after so had to have it done again. Would I do it again. No 😂 I didn’t sleep the whole 9 days I was there so the exhaustion whilst giving birth let alone then with a newborn was another level. I didn’t recover from that until he was 4 months old! I couldn’t string a sentence together I was utterly delirious

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6 months ago

I wish they’d have informed me properly on how many inductions lead to a c section also as everyone on my ward whilst I was there ended up with an emergency c section! They told me on day 6 I would have to have one as my induction had failed but I asked for a second and third opinion and found a dr who agreed to attempt to break my waters although I was still only 1cm. So that’s defo something to consider too.

6 months ago

I was “overdue” at 41 weeks and they strongly recommended me being induced even though nothing was wrong but he was “late” I say late because they’re not late until 42 weeks. Anyway. I will never be induced again. Took 3 days and a whole lot of pain and zero sleep. Would strongly recommend letting your body do its thing. If you’re forcing your body to do things it’s a lot harder. I pushed 3.5 hours and he came. Also, my baby’s heart rate kept dropping the entire time because clearly he wasn’t ready nor was my body. I know you said be kind but in my experience if you say no they aren’t so kind to you.

7 months ago

I was induced at 39 weeks last pregnancy and loved every minute of it. I feel it is very controlled and there is ways to manage pain as you are experiencing it. I got there on Thursday night, they started an IV for fluids immediately and then that night the dr gave me a pill vaginally called cervidil and then another 6 hours later. I started contracting, they gave me pain meds when I felt the pain got bad enough. Then the dr broke my water at 8am the next morning, I felt I needed the epidural at around 12 and then I delivered at 5:35pm.  I only pushed a few times and the baby was out! the worst pain for me was the after affects of the stitches after i tore. everybody’s experiences are different but if I can be induced this time around I hope it’s just as a great experience as my first!

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