iui vs ivf

We have our consult with the fertility clinic and I’m curious for those who have done both what you thoughts are? Yes iui is cheaper but the success rates arnt much higher that trying at home with the same meds. Any advise?
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This has been a really enlightening thread to follow. Wishing everyone here lots of love and baby dust❤️ thanks for your stories.

Hey Amanda. I actually did 4 IUI’s and they were all unsuccessful. I just had my first IVF frozen embryo transfer and I’m now 5 weeks pregnant. I know IUI’s are much less expensive and less invasive but IVF has a much higher success rate.

We did 7 IUIs. I got pregnant from 2 of them, but miscarried. I’m currently in my TWW from IVf where I had each embryo PGS tested. Because I didn’t know why I miscarries, the testing gives us more security. I’m hoping everything works out. I don’t personally know anyone who has gotten pregnant from IUI, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

We did 1 IUI (plus one unmonitored medicated cycle) for luck really lol but then as an investment decision IVF gets better results per dollar! What changed my mind was a journal that said couples who moved to IVF after 2IUIs concieved earlier...I will find the link

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I had unexplained infertility. My husband and I did one round of medicated IUI and was successful. I now have a 9 month old and am 11 weeks pregnant with another one. We got pregnant naturally this time around.

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That’s so amazing. Congratulations 🎉 !

We We’re just diagnosed with unexplained infertility they told us our odds of conceiving with an IUI was only 8 to 10% both of us are completely healthy. They said natural conception was a 3% chance with medications 5% chance IUI 8 to 10% chance and IVF would be 30 to 50 above normal because we were completely healthy

Hi Amanda! I had concerns about what one do as well. I would have done IVF after trying a couple rounds of IUI. We had no success in trying on our own, we are younger, husbands counts were good, I just have PCOS. So on our first round of IUI was a success! Everyone’s different, good luck to you!

Hi Amanda has your husband had his count checked? That would be a huge deciding factor in what treatment you choose x

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Yes! He’s perfectly fine, if anything his counts were higher so that’s good! I just don’t know if the success with iui is really that much different than us timing it

If you're going to pay to have it done I'd personally do IVF... Like you said I don't see the difference between them doing iui and you doing it. Are u UK based? If so definitely contact ABC fertility as they're pricing is amazing! A round of IVF is less than £3000 with no hidden costs. X

We did 2 IUIs before moving on to IVF. I wish we would have gone straight to IVF and saved the time and money. Just my opinion since we had to pay cash for all of it and IUI has such low success rates.

Hi Amanda! My husband and I did IUI in November and now going through IVF. Choosing the right procedure really depends on you and your husband’s Fertility. My husband’s sperm motility is low (10-12%) so with that, our success rate with IUI was only 10%. We’re also older (I’m 38, he’s 51) so age could also play a factor in this. Now, we’re going through IVF and our success rate is about 45%. It is expensive but definitely a much better option for us given the failed IUI. We also thought of instead doing multiple IUIS, why not use that money for IVF if we have a much higher success rate with it? 😁 I’m here if you need any more information or just need support.

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Thank you so much!!! And best of luck with the ivf process!!❤️

Of course! You’re welcome and good luck to you as well!! Baby dust to us! 🌈 🍼

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