4 years ago

Pregnancy MUST have's

What is/ was your favorite pregnancy MUST- have? There's so many things out there on the market... looking to surprise one of my pregnant mama friends something fun to use before she gets super pregnant...and also while she's super pregnant thanks!!
Pregnancy MUST have's

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1 month ago

-Electric/ adjustable bed with temper mattress 😇 -Massage chair / bed , foot & face massage - Air conditioning - weekly spa 😍

5 months ago

To ask her if she needs help and make her take a shower, eat and have some sleep if you can help with the baby while she does that. It might not be what you want to hear because I can't recommend some product but trust me, once her baby is here and she is sleep deprived and hungry she will not care for any gadget or product. You can purchase something, sure! But don't forget about her basic needs because she might need help. Also don't buy a Boppy because many are being already recalled. Good luck!

8 months ago

1st Trimester - ginger syrup and carbonated water 2nd Trimester - the Baby2Body app to help keep you motivated to move your body each day with safe exercises until the end and also postpartum. 3rd Trimester - I put an extra mattress protector under my side of the bed. Just in case my water broke in the middle of the night 😅 And a tens machine for those aching back muscles!

1 year ago

Tums! Hahaha 😅

2 years ago

Maternity tank DigestZen Foot spa or bucket to soak feet Pillows/Maternity pillow Maxi Dresses (Amazon) Maternity/BF Bra/Tank

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