• J
  • Plano, United States
  • 2 years ago

Pregnancy MUST have's

What is/ was your favorite pregnancy MUST- have? There's so many things out there on the market... looking to surprise one of my pregnant mama friends something fun to use before she gets super pregnant...and also while she's super pregnant thanks!!
  • F
  • NH, US
  • 8 months ago

What is that underwear!?! It’s so cute

  • L
  • Byram, United States
  • 5 months ago

I need them like now

  • A
  • VA, US
  • 8 months ago

I liked there tops And jackets

  • A
  • Ferndale, United States
  • a year ago

Pregnancy massage! I got one at 8 months and I was in heaven!! It was the best hour of my entire pregnancy! I had the pillow and loved it but my dogs fought for it and won πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  • K
  • Hanover, United States
  • a year ago

The Boppy lounger, it's perfect for bottle feeding (if that's in your plans) and taking naps. Way cheaper then dock a tot. Changing pad clutch for when you are just running quick errands. Two changing pads if you have multiple floors. Bibs so they don't ruin those cute outfits! Diaper back and Mommy clip.

  • A
  • Lexington, USA
  • a year ago

I didn't end up liking any actual pregnancy clothes. I bought some pregnancy jeans & undies, but I found them uncomfortable. I ended up getting a bunch of maxi dresses & super stretchy non-pregnancy undies instead. Btw, I totally recommend these undies for pregnancy (& all other times too if you can afford them). They stretch with your changing body & are the most comfy things ever. http://getcomfy.in/jCpjU

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