Flying with a sick child

Mamas, a controversial Q perhaps but thoughts please? I am due to fly on Friday am with my little boy. I had to collect him from school yesterday as teachers said the whole class has come down with a virus. I took him to the docs who confirmed that it is a virus, so there is no medication I can give him. He vomited all night, although has not vomited since 4am... Can I take him on the flight tomorrow morning? ✈️ 😬
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I would see if he’s still throwing up. I had to fly with a sick baby when my daughter was little because we had to get back home. She slept so it wasn’t that bad. I’m sure you’ll get people that say not to. But plane tickets are expensive and sometimes you just have to do it.

How long is the flight? How long is the virus supposed to last? I know you don’t want get people sick on the plane. And also id your son is still vomiting the flight will be miserable for both of you. Can you delay the flight?

I would call the airline and ask if they have exceptions for sick babies. If not I agree that tickets are expensive and you will do what you have to do. Just have plenty of change of cloths, wipes for clean up, and plastic bags to catch / store any mess. Good luck!

What did the doctor recommend?

When my son was sick woth cough runny nose and boogies docter said not to go on airplane cause pressure could rupture eardrum id Pospone if able

My child wasn’t sick, but we flew to New York and it was a disaster. He’s only 5 months old and I was alone so it was hard. I could only imagine with a sick child. Good luck!

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He cried the whole time. I couldn’t calm him down or get him to sleep. And he pooped twice 🙄

What happened? Mine is 6 mos and I was thinking of flying w baby and my hubs for a vaca (we have never had a vaca).

I know this is an old question, but in case anyone else comes across it, I wanted to offer some food for thought. Aside from the fact that a little one would probably be more comfortable at home, as someone else said, plane tickets are expensive. Meaning that if I were another passanger on a plane who took time off work, possibly for my only trip this year, and paid that much for a ticket to get to my vacation or long distance family or friend's home, that I'd be really upset if I started feeling ill while I was there to where my trip was destroyed. Yes, it would be really disappointing to not be able to go on your trip as you planned, but I think it's most considerate to not risk ruining a bunch of other people's trips too, ya know?

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I agree

I would not, his immune system will be weakened, my dad went on a plane after having a cold and caught pneumonia. Don’t change it mama. It’s not worth it

I wouldn't. Can't imagine what the air pressure would be like with a sick child.

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