3 years ago

How did you feed your baby?

I am a mother of two and was only able to breastfeed my son for two months because I got very sick after giving birth to him. My daughter I was able to breastfeed for a year and it was an magical journey! Mamas whats your story? No matter how you feed, you are absolutely AMAZING!💕
How did you feed your baby?

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1 month ago

My daughter was fed through naso-tube and is now fed through her PEG stomach tube and it keeps her alive x

2 months ago

Breastfeeding 16m still going strong and hoping to tandem nurse and continue to nurse as long as they would like .

4 months ago

I have chosen to bottle feed everytime, my own personal choice.

6 months ago

I’ve been lucky enough to breastfeed all 3 babies, first for 13 months, 2nd til 18 months & current baby is 16 months. I actually found it harder with each baby initially. But I knew it gets easier so I persevered. But omg with my latest baby the first month I would shake in pain just from having a shower my nipples hurt so much!

6 months ago

Breastfeeding for all 5 xx Well done mamas xx

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