3 years ago

What did/do you crave during pregnancy?

Since I’ve been pregnant, my appetite has been all over the place. Most times, I only crave fruit. But I’ve recently started craving sour and spicy foods. Yesterday, I literally ate a WHOLE jar of pickle spears. The crazy part is I HAVE NEVER LIKED SPICY OR SOUR FOOD! 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 what is this baby doing to me 😩😂.
What did/do you crave during pregnancy?

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2 days ago

Mashed potatoes , or potatoes in general. Pineapple and apples. I was waking up overnight to eat an apple or three 😂

9 days ago

Yummy..I love spicy cheetos😋

9 days ago

Dried cranberries and plain potato chips

10 days ago

Pepsi slurpie’s. I don’t even like Pepsi 😅

11 days ago

Taco Bell chalupas 🌮

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