3 years ago


Has anyone out here used surrogates before or been one? My pregnancy was a breeze so I’m thinking of doing it to help a family that couldn’t otherwise have a child of their own. What agencies did you use? As how was the process?

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Carrsville, Virginia, US
8 months ago

On my 2nd journey...transfer in 2 weeks :-)

9 months ago

I am a signed to be a surrogate and in the process with an agency called Carrying Hope Surrogacy - it’s been a wonderful journey so far! Almost to my embryo transfer !!!

1 year ago

I’m a 3x surrogate and also work for an agency! I’ve been in the industry since 2009. More than happy to answer any questions!

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11 months ago

Hi Sok! If you had a vaginal birth, it’s 6 months. C-section they like you to wait a year. You also need to not be breastfeeding so your cycle can be regulated. Often times it can take a few months to get paperwork done and match you with an intended parent so I’d recommend completing an application. The agency I work with in FL is in desperate needs of surrogates. We have a wait list of parents we are trying to match.

1 year ago

Hi Amanda, My pregnancy was a breeze and I’m highly considering becoming a surrogate. How long did you wait between each surrogate? How soon after giving birth can you become a surrogate?

1 year ago

I am a 2x surrogate (one singleton and one set of twins) and i plan to do one more journey. Feel free to message me if you have questions about surrogacy and I'd be happy to tell you the name of my surrogacy company which was amazing and supportive throughout the process

1 year ago

If there are any GCs willing to chat and get to know one another we are looking to transfer one embryo so thankful to women who are willing to do this for families! I have two boys but via IVf but have had two major hemorrhages that required blood transfusions and embolizations. So I’ve been advised not to carry

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