Alejandra 🌱
Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, US
3 years ago

What do you miss the most from your pre-mama days?

What sort of things do you miss being able to do that have become so much harder or impossible since you've had your little ones? I'm a little less than 5 months away from becoming a full time mommy and I couldn't be more excited. I just want to know some things I might not realize I'll miss when it happens. I know sleep will be on everyone's list, but what other little things? I want to really enjoy the last few months with my husband since it's the last time we'll be baby free for many many years. Enjoying the journey, but looking for creative ways to take advantage of this special time of my life.
What do you miss the most from your pre-mama days?

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1 day ago

Overall you’ll miss different aspects of your freedom. I miss being available whenever to participate in activities of interest. I parted ways with friends who aren’t parents b/c they didn’t understand the sacrifice. Having time alone to do nothing. Long showers during the day. Uninterrupted meals at home. My old body. Being able to nap whenever. Being able to have sex whenever.

11 days ago

It’s a long list… leaving my house whenever I wanted, reading uninterrupted, my job, traveling (this can still be done with babies but it’s a lot harder), eating without interruption, going to the gym (again, this can be done with babies but I haven’t figured out how…) Enjoy all the sleep and “me-time” you can now 😊

23 days ago

Taking a long relaxing bath by myself

1 month ago

Being able to live where I wanted, in the PNW surrounded by waterfalls and forests. The cost of living was too high to cover daycare, so we had to move. That was definitely the toughest change. Maybe one day things will be different...

1 month ago

The long bike rides and going running whenever I want. A vacation with just my partner. Also just sitting down and taking time to be deep in thought. Watching a movie and eating junk food lol.

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