What kind of vitamins/supplements do you take when TTC?
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Be careful as everyone’s body is different. Best to ask nursing team and gp. Try elevit or an conception multivitamin.

Get a blood test and take care of anything you’re low on.. like iron or vitamin d.

I’m currently taking a prenatal, CoQ10, vitamin C, Magnesium, zinc, and I’ve been trying OvaBoost from FairHaven Health. I’ve only been taking the Ova Boost for 2 weeks so not sure how that’s working yet. I’ve also just bought maca to incorporate into my diet as well.

I’m currently taking (as recommended by my reproductive endocrinologist) a prenatal, vitamins C, D and E, Omega 3, CoQu10, and Folate... my hubby is taking men’s one a day preconception and everything else I’m taking with the exception of vitamin D. When I get home I can take a picture of the list she game me with the amounts of each, if you’d like! We’ve been trying for 2 years but just started all these about a month ago so hoping they help!

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