3 years ago

Finally weaning but I’m breaking inside. What are your stories?

This is currently us. Taking a nap at noon because they woke up early at 6 am (they usually wake up around 10 am lol) since my baby didn’t want to go back to sleep without the boobie. He won’t take any bottle. I showed them videos of babies until they fell asleep. I feel guilty already for the videos even though nothing else would get him to sleep. I feel like I will never have enough memories of them. My husband and I decided to finally and officially wean our 1 1/2 year old from breastfeeding. We had tried before but he would spend up to two hours crying nonstop so we’d give in. This past weekend, I was having some tummy issues and breastfeeding made me feel worse as it made me more dehydrated and hungry. My husband has been amazing stepping up and trying to sleep him (and actually him sleeping) these past two nights while I stay in the living room. Now he’s back at work during the day and my baby wanted some milk. It’s so hard denying it. I feel like I’m breaking his trust and little heart. My other toddler is 3 and she is holding up like a champ. He wakes up crying big time about 2-3 times at night after and she stays asleep (she refuses to go with mommy and wants daddy). She’s being so patient and kind. I remember this stage with her. I got the flu and was 2 months pregnant so we decided to wean her at 1 yr and a month old. We also showed her videos to sleep her and y’all don’t know how much guilt that brings me. I feel like a nanny and not her mom that should deal with her completely. But I guess times were different and I wasn’t the same. I feel like I betrayed her when weaning her but I knew it was necessary. At the time, my emotions seems so cynical but I guess I was trying to be focused on the plan of weaning. My boobs are so engorged that it hurt to move. I’m so nostalgic right now. My babies are getting older. I feel like I wasted their time as babies even though I was with them most of the time. I feel regretful for feeling frustrated when it got hard, especially when my youngest arrived and we were all getting used to it. I lost it so many times (up to the point of yelling at them). I feel oh so guilty. I’ve worked on it because I’m ashamed of it and needed to stop. I’ve became more patient I feel but of course, they’re easier now so it’s not the same. I feel like I didn’t appreciate my babies like I should have. I feel so vulnerable and weak for feeling so sad about this because I have no idea how to help myself. They’re my biggest blessing ever but I feel like I complained internally too much earlier on in their lives. I’m acting like they’re 20 already but seriously, it’s so heartbreaking already. I can’t imagine how it’ll be as they grow up more and start school (which is not too far). Ugh man. I’m a sucker at this. How did it go for y’all? I want some consolation
Finally weaning but I’m breaking inside. What are your stories?

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3 months ago

He is still very young. If there isn't a particular person reason why wean at this moment. I successfully weaned mine at 3.5 because he would have been really upset at that age and personally I was fine feeding him. Even at this age I found it difficult, it will be and hormone changes are making it harder. I hope no one is making you feel like you shouldn't feed, because it is fine to do at this age and its good for them. However, if you actually want to wean him perhaps more gradual weaning will help. If one feed a morning means a lot to him could you remove other feeds and keep that for a while? I did it gradually removing the feeds he was least passionate about. Either way, it will get easier, as they get new habits and your hormones return to normal, you will feel better ❤️

4 months ago

I feel that the biggest struggle you feel right now is the guilt.. The advice I can give to you to help with that is to give your children something that you never had as a child. Whether thats more affection, more attention, more hands on and direct focus play time, buying them toys that you never had, but most importantly, striving to be the best you, that you can be and be the best role model to them. Remind yourself that you are a human being and each individual has their own limit and never compare yourself to someone else and never compare yourself to another role other than the one you are, a mother💕 and no one can take that away from you.

4 months ago

Sounds like you’re weaning really quickly. It’s worth looking into talking with an LC (lactation consultant) for some advice. Breastfeeding hormones are feel-good hormones and suddenly stopping removing milk without decreasing gradually can cause a HUGE drop in mood and can actually trigger some pretty severe mood issues. I was really lucky to have been warned about this and was mindful to try and let it happen slowly. We only feed for a couple seconds per side before nap and bed (I’m 28 weeks pregnant) so it’s dry nursing at this point (I’m not making any more milk) And I definitely had a really rough time when my supply dropped suddenly and he wasn’t able to get a ton of milk mid-weaning. Please know the feelings you’re having are so so normal. But also that there’s something chemical going on and you want to try your best to avoid mastitis infections and depression.

9 months ago

My little guy is 2 and a half years old and still loves the boob. I would be ready to stop. I am hoping that he weans himself.

1 year ago

I weaned my toddler at 26 months only because her baby sister 3 months old and she wanted to nurse more then the baby so i just told her that she is a big girl and momma milk if for baby sister now and she said okay and went on about her day. Now 3 months later she just likes to sit next to me and tell baby sister to drink her milk.

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