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Losing weight is so hard for me especially when it goes up and down I was just down 80 lbs going from 280 to 219 and now I’m back to 240 this is so depressing and I workout at least 3 times a week and don’t each much anymore even gave up meat and drink nothing but water but I’m not seeing any changes at all. Anybody have any suggestions I’m all ears
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Try a combo of intermittent fasting and low carb. Lately I’ve been trying to reduce my eating hours to 8 in the day (first meal at 11am, last by 7pm) and I’ve been finding it helps.

Ik you said you gave up meat, but Keto has down wonders for my entire family! I have PCOS and my dr suggest Keto for me to lose weight. So my entire family did it. It has helped with everyone weight wise and has improved our overall moods and eating habits!

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I said I wanted to look into the keto diet and I think I will

It’s amazing and definitely has some great results! Hope you find something that works best for you love!

Hey! Currently trying to lose before conceiving. It's a battle. But dont forget to eat. It seems logical to "us", not to eat and workout but you really.have to focus on calories in and out. Use an app to track it helps so much!

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Yes that’s what I’m doing right now so I pray it works

I deal with lots of struggles too . Make sure your not doing a lot of weight because this will Cause you to gain muscle weight... try to add a new workout into your routine, I notice when my body get use to me doing the same thing I don’t lose weight I stay the same. Try juicing/ smoothie a few days out the week for a nice switch up. If all fails a thyroid check up won’t hurt. Hope this was helpful and good luck

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Why thank you and I had my thyroid checked and it was fine but what’s some good juicing or smoothing places or were you talking about at home doing this and that switch up sounds good I will do that at the gym

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