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  • about 2 months ago

Going abroad when pregnant

I’m going to Lanzarote for a week in 6 weeks time. I will be 26 weeks pregnant but never been abroad whilst pregnant before. Is there any essentials that I need or any dos and donts that you mummy’s can let me know before I travel. Want to make it as relaxed as possible.
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When I was pregnant with my eldest in 2018, I went to Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Sweden, and Finland.

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  • about 1 year ago

My partner wants to take me to Barbados with my son in December and I’ll be 20 something weeks pregnant but I’m a bit worried

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I traveled pregnant to Costa Rica. I just took pro caution but I had the best vacation.

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Travel insurance which includes pregnancies (some don’t), compression socks, take your notes with you, some flights require a note from the midwife or gp to say your ok to travel. I travelled to America at 13 weeks and was fine. Maybe take some sweets to help during turbulence, take off and landing as the stomach can feel like it’s on a rollercoaster :) Oo and have fun!!

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i went on a cruise this past christmas to the virgin islands, puerto rico and hati and i was like 4/5 months pregnant. my doctor just told me to be careful when drinking water get bottled water and wear big spray and stuff like that

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