2 years ago

Any happy mother-in-law stories?

So I realize hard times are more likely to make people rant, and when everything is good people stay silent. But reading through these forums can be so discouraging! My mother-in-law and I aren't besties, but we get along fine. I'm hoping that continues once the baby is here, but reading these MIL horror stories really scares me. Could some of you ladies please share stories of your awesome, supportive, boundary-obeying MIL? (stock photo)

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7 days ago

I'm so so blessed by my MIL, we've had one disagreement not even full fledge fight in 6 years of being with my hubby. My man loves his mama lol but his mama loves and respects me 💛

14 days ago

I have a better relationship with my mil than my own mom

19 days ago

My MIL went mad buying things during my pregnancy. She lives 4hrs away so I think it was her way of feeling involved. I didn’t really buy anything as I had hyperemesis and was very sick. My son came prematurely so it was a god send as it meant we actually had things for his early arrival. She absolutely spoils us sooo lucky! Xx

1 month ago

I honestly have a great mil. I just have trauma that makes it hard for me to trust her 😬 She lets us live in her house rent free if we fix things up the best we can for her. Like we've remodeled one bathroom, replaced the flooring in one bedroom, painted the whole house, etc. She's constantly buying things my baby needs, always asking how I am as mom, doesn't ask too many questions (she knows I hate that). She lives in Virginia and we live in GA so it's a distance. She did have to have a talking to about showing up unannounced or not giving us at least 2 weeks notice before she visited (especially with Covid around) but she's great now

2 months ago

I love my MIL, she was basically my postpartum doula. She’s a great listener, a bio mother of 4 & 2 step children and makes an amazing grief counselor, which is very helpful postpartum. We get along great & im very grateful for her. Our friendship really deepened during that time. Plus she brought my favorite foods every time she came to visit & would stay a few days to help & keep me company/sane. I’m very lucky 🥰

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