2 years ago

Any happy mother-in-law stories?

So I realize hard times are more likely to make people rant, and when everything is good people stay silent. But reading through these forums can be so discouraging! My mother-in-law and I aren't besties, but we get along fine. I'm hoping that continues once the baby is here, but reading these MIL horror stories really scares me. Could some of you ladies please share stories of your awesome, supportive, boundary-obeying MIL? (stock photo)
Any happy mother-in-law stories?
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2 days ago

I love my MIL! We always joke that I'm the daughter she always wanted (she has a daughter). We talk more than she talks to my husband.

last month

Me and my ml actually got closer after baby was born we spend every Friday together. Before baby was born we were fine nothing like the horror ml stories you here she was there for me the whole pregnancy and if I needed her I could call her anytime but after baby we spend every week together sometimes more than once a week x

3 months ago

I love mine!! She can have a few opinions sometimes but that’s not coming from a place of judgment or rudeness. So I respect them. I also ask her opinion on other things to show I do value her. But honestly she’s the best

3 months ago

My mom loves my husband, does that count? Lol I don’t talk to my MIL, hell my husband doesn’t even talk to her. It’s been 2 years.

4 months ago

My MIL is like my mother (since my mother is abusive) I have a great relationship with both of my IL and when we announced we was expecting to them my MIL said I'll get saving now so we can go baby shopping together.... also she is helping us with finding a house closer to them (buying our first home) as she wants us to be closer so she can see us and baby more often which just melted my heart. We often go out for meals with them just because we can and we want a catch up. Go on walks together as we all enjoy the outdoors and exploring. Honestly my in laws are amazing

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