2 years ago

Co sleeping🤦‍♀️

Before I had my babies, I swore up and down I would never co sleep. My daughter came, she slept in her bassinet beside me, high risk with a few tubes. I got pregnant with my son, still swore against it. He was born and bam. I couldnt put him down. Now hes approaching 6 months old. He sleep in his bassinet sometimes but always ends up in our bed at night. It seems so heartbreaking, to stop. So please, no hate, just encourage. If anyone has any comforting words while I'm being a wuss about letting my baby sleep without me, please. And if anyone else feels like a wuss because they cant give their baby a bottle instead of breastfeed or put their baby in a bassinet or if you are just in need of some encouragement, share in the comments. None of us are perfect ❤🤙

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1 month ago

I have coslept with all my kids. I got much better sleep than I did when I tried to sleep train. My youngest still cosleeps. I plan to work on getting him into his own bed this summer.

1 month ago

We actually planned on cosleeping from day one since I actually took an intro to cultural anthropology course in Uni and along with psych research and attachment theory was pretty easily convinced it was what we wanted to do. Anxiety had me OVERPREPARED and we were probably more paranoid and safer than we needed to be considering we had a full-term post-dates healthy baby. But he was also a barnacle baby and I’m convinced cosleeping was the only way we got any sleep as a family. We followed all the safe cosleeping guidelines and never had any scares or concerns. We actually still cosleep, our son is nearly 2 and sleeps through the night in bed with us. I’m 28 weeks pregnant with our second and we have a sidecar firm crib mattress for the new baby to be close to us/ cosleeping with me but on a separate surface from our toddler. He has a floor bed In his own room, but only naps in there and starts the night in there some days when his bedtime is early

1 month ago

Both my partner and I love having our kiddo close. I’ve always had anxiety around sleep from trauma in my own childhood, and I fought sleep and bedtime so much growing up. It’s honestly so healing and wonderful watching my son absolutely love bedtime and how natural it all feels for us. The best part of my day is often waking up next to my kid, who is just smiling at me and snuggling in and sometimes we cuddle and doze for like an additional hour in the mornings. It’s the sweetest thing ever. He’s a thriving, affectionate, smart, confident kiddo and we all sleep really well in our big “family bed” Excited to foster that same sort of attachment with his little brother when he arrives. Despite pressure from society, I know none of us are ready to move on from cosleeping.

2 months ago

Yeah- single mom of twins. We make a pi symbol together. Go 3.14 ! I swore too, try to put them in their own graco playpen, I got one night. They like each other too much but now they roll on each other. I choose my battles , they got the boogers and I already dream of sleeping so- Do you baby boo. Suppose people all slept in a teepee ⛺️ ….. I want a teepee….

2 months ago

I've done co sleeping with all 3 of my girls. Obviously it's frowned upon but I needed the sleep. Do whatever you feel is good for you.

3 months ago

I co sleep with my baby he’s 8 months & I wouldn’t have it any other way 💙

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