3 years ago

Co sleeping🤦‍♀️

Before I had my babies, I swore up and down I would never co sleep. My daughter came, she slept in her bassinet beside me, high risk with a few tubes. I got pregnant with my son, still swore against it. He was born and bam. I couldnt put him down. Now hes approaching 6 months old. He sleep in his bassinet sometimes but always ends up in our bed at night. It seems so heartbreaking, to stop. So please, no hate, just encourage. If anyone has any comforting words while I'm being a wuss about letting my baby sleep without me, please. And if anyone else feels like a wuss because they cant give their baby a bottle instead of breastfeed or put their baby in a bassinet or if you are just in need of some encouragement, share in the comments. None of us are perfect ❤🤙
Co sleeping🤦‍♀️

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3 days ago

Nope I don’t feel like a wuss and you shouldn’t either!? I bedshared on and off with my first son until around 16 months shortly after weaning him from the boob because I was pregnant and nursing would hurt so bad and he is a very active sleeper and would kick me in my belly too… I was so scared because of all the stuff you hear out there but he was sleeping through the night in his crib a couple of months after that. Now he is 22 months sleeping in his toddler bed some nights and his crib others. Baby brother is a “better sleeper” so far and goes to bed in the next to me but ends up in our bed a lot of nights at 7 weeks old now.. As long as you do it safely there’s nothing wrong with it!

1 month ago

I am the same and my Baby is 7 months. He sleeps in his bed but always end up in our bed at night.

1 month ago

I co-slept all of mine, or bed share as they call it now. My littler toddler is still in my bed. Honestly the real safety concern is being under the influence or if you're a heavy sleeper. My partner is a heavy heavy sleeper, less so now with kids, but heavy enough I didn't trust him with the babies between us until they were over 6 months. They slept on my arm on the outside being my tiny spoons until they could be between us.

2 months ago

I conslept with my first until he was 2.5. Currently cosleep with my 9 month old. All will be fine. Get them the big kid bed book and read it to them for a few weeks before you start letting them sleep in their room 🤎

2 months ago

Cuddle, share, be together. Happy mummas=happy babiesxxx

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