3 years ago

IVF with Donor Eggs

Hey guys! I’m new here. I am about to do my first round of IVF with donor eggs. Has anyone else gone through this?? My friends are all starting to have kids and asking me when my husband and I will be having a baby and it’s difficult for me to navigate these conversations without getting emotional. Just looking for some support. :)
IVF with Donor Eggs

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1 month ago

Hi i have two beautiful twin boys via donor eggs

5 months ago

We have finally been matched with a donor and are waiting to start treatment! I have been told that they want to do a mock embryo transfer before the treatment begins! Has anybody else gone through this process? Just want to know what to expect. Also what can I do to prepare myself for this mentally? It’s just all so over whelming! Just looking for some advice and a bit of guidance!

7 months ago

I have 3 beautiful embryos in the freezer created with donor eggs. My husband and I plan to be honest with our child/ren fro the get go. I want to create story books that explains how they came about. The donor we’ve selected is open to contact if our child/ren have questions as they grow. We believe honestly is the best policy even if it might make us feel uncomfortable at times. I’ll be having my first transfer next month.

8 months ago

Hi I’m new here too! We are currently on the waiting list to do our first round! I find it difficult to speak to my friends as it’s a very sensitive subject for me. Be nice to get some support from people going through the same process.

9 months ago

No one can steal any eggs - you would know that if you had IVF. You have to fill so much paper work in order to say what happened if you are mentally incapacitated or dead or whatever- you have to give your written consent for everything so NO - You cannot steal anyone’s eggs. Also, eggs don’t make you a mother. To finish, It is really offensive to speak about how much embryos you have, in a thread where women cannot have their own and need someone else’s. Just educate yourself 🥰🙏🏼

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