3 years ago

What’s the most WTF thing your kiddo(s) did lately?

So I thought it could be fun to lightly roast our kiddos and get a good laugh out of it. After all, motherhood is hard and it feels so nice to vent! Plus, kids can be so aggravating and ridiculous sometimes. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Share your tales of woe, ladies! I’ll start.... My daughter is about 9 months old now and is in that phase where dropping her toys and me picking them up is THE BEST. She also seems to be drawn to everything that could even remotely be a hazard to her. Today she was just a ball of fussy wiggles and it drove me nuts. 😩
What’s the most WTF thing your kiddo(s) did lately?

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4 months ago

A few weeks ago my little boy (nearly 3 years old) lay on the ground in the middle of a busy supermarket and said "go away Mama" repeatedly for about 5 minutes.... When he was done he got up and walked in front of me saying "go Mama go" like he was the parent 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

4 months ago

A few months ago my 2 year old dumped an entire bottle of olive oil into our playroom carpet. It took several days to clean it out/up. 🙄

6 months ago

Here's a funny video lol this was years ago but still funny haha

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2 months ago

It won't play

6 months ago

My 3 month old boy..Tiddled in my face at 4am nappy change and then sat there laughing at me 🤣

7 months ago

I was sitting on the couch yesterday when my 4 year old boy comes up to me all sweet; climbs in my lap all nice and snuggles me; then says he's got something for me.. he stands up on the couch, bends over and spreads his legs and farts super loud, straight in my face. Then laughs hysterically and runs off yelling "I love you!!"

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