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  • 2 years ago

Tummy Time questions

Tummy time was supposed to start since we came home from the hospital but to be honest she’s about to be 8 weeks and we have done it like twice! Ugh, the stuff I have read said she should be doing tummy time for an hour by the time she is 3 months. Am I falling behind? She doesn’t seem to like it at all? How do get a positive response from your baby at this age?
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Put a mirror against the wall on the floor in front of baby and prop them up over a rolled towel or breastfeeding pillow like under their arm pits to start. Hover to make sure they don’t face plant.

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I didn’t do true tummy time at all - just lying her on my chest. I followed the RIE methodology when it comes to gross motor skills. I put her on her back on the floor often though so she could explore what her body could do on its own. She ended up rolling onto their side then over by 3.5-4 months- pulling herself up my 7ish months - and was walking by 10 months. My daughter is 12 months old now and is a mover. I tried to foster her natural curiosities in how her body moves and it worked for me. Doctor said I needed to do actual tummy time but it just didn’t work for me and I do believe in natural gross development. If kids are healthy and you give them a chance to - they will move on their own.

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My son hated it at first but we started small. I always stopped just short of crying and laid down with him and talked to him. By about 3 months he was doing short spurts of it a day and enjoying. It also helped when I went to support group with other moms for him to see other babies on their tummies and starting to move.

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If she’s ever laid on your chest, that is tummy time.

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time in a bumbo can also count as tummy time

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