2 years ago

Natural/Unmedicated Birth

36 weeks with our rainbow baby and planning to have an unmedicated hospital birth. Looking for any tips/advice/experiences you mamas may have! ✨
Natural/Unmedicated Birth
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3 days ago

I used a tens machine only though my Labour and it was fantastic!

last month

Hypnobirthing helped, I tried a water birth. My LO was stuck and I had run out of energy, no one gave me any food for nearly 24hrs while in labour. I ended up in theatre and the hynobirthing helped me there to. Try https://harmonyhypnobirthing.co.uk/

last month

Wrote a whole reply to this but deleted it because its over a year old 🤣🤣

2 months ago

I didn't used any pain meds for both of my birth experiences. It was the most self empowering experience ever. The first was more difficult and I had to learn where my strength came from and the second was easier because of my body already knowing what to do. I highly recommend looking into the Bradley method. It talked about making low sounds, partner support, using pressure points and relaxation of any kind. Remember deep breaths/sounds and using relaxation. If you are in a hospital you dont have to wear a gown. You can litterally bring a laundry basket with pillows, blankets. Robes, pictures, essential oils, a plant. Really anything that screams home, relaxation and security (that isnt flamable) Best of luck!

5 months ago

I had a water birth and it helped with my contractions and I didn’t tear, I had nothing as the gas and air broke. Hope you have a beautiful and safe birth 💝

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