2 years ago

Natural/Unmedicated Birth

36 weeks with our rainbow baby and planning to have an unmedicated hospital birth. Looking for any tips/advice/experiences you mamas may have! ✨

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1 month ago

While contracting try to relax your body tense up it makes it worse

2 months ago

Hypnobirthing was a god send. It basically teaches you to understand what your body is doing while you are going through labour, what each stage of labour is, and how to use your breath to ride the waves. I had an unmedicated birth with my daughter back in November, and the breathing was all I used to get through the contractions. They’re tough, but you are tougher! When it came time to push, I was thankful I did not get the epidural because I could work with my body and feel my contractions to push (I didn’t find this part of labour painful, just felt pressure). I used The Positive Birthing Company’s Hypnobirthing course (all virtual). Good luck mama, you’ve got this ❤️

3 months ago

The biggest thing that helped avoid pain meds was knowing my "why" in having a birth without an epidural and having care providers that knew my wishes and weren't going to offer pain meds unless I asked. What helped with the contractions was breath work and meditation. Move as much and as long as you can. I was induced at 41+3. Induction meant that it was super intense, and it took a while to get my pitocin dosage right. They had to dial it back because I was having too many contractions. There was a while where I wasn't getting any breaks between contractions, so there were none of those moments of relief. Induction also meant continuous monitoring, which was annoying AF. The monitor kept moving out of place so it was constantly being repositioned. I know everyone describes it as "pain"... but I don't know that pain is the word I would use. It was VERY intense and uncomfortable, an incredible amount of pressure that could be overwhelming at times to the point I couldn't move... but not pain exactly.

3 months ago

It’s all in the breathing 😁

4 months ago

When your doctor tells you to stop pushing….STOPPPP! It will help prevent tearing.

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