4 years ago

Bad mom

My son has always been fussy today in particular, I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I’ve put him in his crib with his pacifier and walked away for a minute. I need help. I’m tired. I don’t want to feel like a bad mom anymore but I need a break.

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3 years ago

Omg don’t feel bad I do that at least once a week my daughter is teething and hasn’t napped or slept through the night in about a month. I think it’s good to leave them alone for a couple minutes for both of you it might help him learn to self sooth and can calm him down if he gets over stimulated

4 years ago

Today my 7 mo would not stop crying. He’s stuffy and I think he’s teething. Sometimes I let him cry it out for a bit, I don’t like to let him get too frustrated. Today was one of those days. I let him cry for a bit. Then went to the bassist changed him and brought him back to my bed to see if he’d nap with me. He was crying and crying and crying. Omg he wouldn’t 🤐 I put beauty and the beast on, he likes the music, nothing. I tried to cuddle with him, nothing. I went on YouTube and played baby shark and he stopped 😑 played that a few times and he’s stop as long as the video was playing. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I finally had enough and I swaddled him in his muslin blanket. He cried and cried and finally fell asleep after 10-15 min for 2 hours. 🙌🏼 I’m exhausted 😩 you just have to try to figure it out and it’s ok to let them cry. I always make sure he’s got a dry diaper and is feed and sometimes I have to walk away for a moment and recharge. It’s ok to let them cry.

4 years ago

I feel like every mom thinks this way or at least I feel the same way. Although, I've stopped breastfeeding at night because I wasn't getting enough sleep. I pump and bottle feed her formula and breastmilk (since my supply can't keep up with her needs) but I was staring to resent her and crying every day. I don't think it's selfish anymore because I did what I needed to do to have a better relationship with my daughter. I love her so much! Motherhood is exhausting and presents it's many challenges. Especially when you are a new mom like me. I wonder sometimes if I'm making the right decision.

4 years ago

When I was at my OB one day in my third trimester a social worker came in to talk to me about baby stuff and she told me that if I’m feeling overwhelmed when baby won’t stop crying, it’s ok to put them down somewhere safe like the crib with nothing in it and walk out of the room and give myself 5 minutes to regroup. I had to do this a few times in the early months and I felt guilty at first but honestly, they’ll be ok for a few minutes. If you need to take a few mins to get yourself together so you can give them your best, then its what has to be done.

4 years ago

Take a break when you need it and don't feel bad. You need to take care of yourself to take care of your baby. I'm a SAHM and I'm pregnant so sometimes in the morning when my 2yr old wakes me up at the crack of dawn I let her watch tv so I can lay down and feel sick for 45mins. No shame

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