• Tia
  • Las Vegas, United States
  • 8 months ago

Summer time #OOTD

A few days ago while walking into the dressing room , an older women spoke under her breathe “ Moms have a odd choice of clothing now a days” so than to throw her off I mentioned I am only 23 . That was soooo hilarious and sometimes you just need to make a joke out of someone’s snobby comments 🤷‍♀️
  • A
  • Eglin Air Force Base, United States
  • a month ago

Just ignore them, my grandmother is a mean old snob, and shell never be happy with anything anyone does, you eat healthy (shell tell you to eat like a normal person) you eat what she eats (shell call you fat) it's an elderly thing where they think their thoughts and opinions need to be expressed despite the rudeness

  • A
  • North Troy, United States
  • 2 months ago

If only I could wear that.... 😒

  • J
  • Goldsboro, United States
  • 3 months ago

Kim Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing a Chanel bra and panties, except they only covered the nips and lady bits... I found it to be disgusting that she publicly posted it especially since she’s a mom. But people still love her. I strongly believe moms don’t have to dress like “moms” because it’s still important to feel good about yourself and to feel pretty. I don’t think it’s appropriate for moms to dress slutty though but to each their own! And there’s a hard line between showing skin and slutty, so showing skin is fine in my opinion, but not letting your whole butt or boobs hang out. The outfit in the picture is adorable and would be just fine to wear!

  • Z
  • Scarborough, United Kingdom
  • 5 months ago

The issue I have with these short and its nothing to do with who’s wearing them it’s just my sons eye view is at waist hight and all he can see is bare bum cheeks everywhere! But worn for the right time and place like going on a night out they make a nice outfit

  • Tia
  • Las Vegas, United States
  • 5 months ago

Not all are like those . There are ones that are called “cheeky” . I don’t wear ones that have my butt out

  • N
  • Houston, United States
  • 7 months ago

Sounds like grandma may be a lil hater lol she probably wishes she could get away with wearing what you wore

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